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The Raw Diet Article List:

The Raw Food Diet
In Defense Of Hybrid Fruits
Raw Diet Transition Guide
The Place Of Greens In A Raw Diet
A Fruitarian Diet?
How To Control Cravings On Any Diet
Get An Individual Healthy Plan
The Benefits You'll Experience
A Partial Raw Diet
Why Low Fat Raw?
A High Fat Diet Experiment
Raw Food Combining
Food Combining Chart
How It Feels To Be On A Raw Diet
Avoid another stomach ache
Raw Food Thanksgiving

Water And Hydration Article List:

The Importance Of Hydration
Distilling Water

The Raw Food Movement

How To Pick A Raw Guru

Gardening Article List:

Organic Gardening
Why Build A Raised Bed Garden
Step By Step Instructions For Building A Raised Bed Garden
Growing Lettuce in the yard, on a balcony or inside the home

Personal Development:

Mind Over Matter
Incorporate Words Of Inspiration Into Your Life
30 Day Trials
The Standing Desk 30-Day Trial

Natural Culture:

Natural Culture Main Page
What Hunter Gatherers Can Teach Us

Inspiring Raw Success Stories:

Raw Food Success Stories Main Page
Dr. Stefania Licari
Don Bennett
Sandra Tuszynska
Grant Campbell
Robert Fulop
Robby Barbaro
Victoria Everett

Lifestyle Topics:

The Raw Food Lifestyle
How Many Vegetarians Are out There?
The Importance Of The Sun
Why You Should Avoid Television
Normal Eating
Raw Thanksgiving

Diseases And Cures:

Escape Disease
Arthritis Cure
Colitis Cure
Protect Your Teeth
Cold Remedy
Crohn's Cure
IBS Cure
Acne Cure
Impotence/ Erectile Dysfunction Cure
Detoxing A Diseased Body
Disease and Genetics
Reversing Diabetes
Ditching Candida

Weight Loss Topics:

Raw Food Weight Loss
Why Your Body Stores Water Weight

What Raw Foods To Eat:

Is Raw Vegetable Oil Healthy?
What Raw Foods?
What Fruits?
What Vegetables?
What Nuts And Seeds?
Should You Eat Superfoods And Supplements?
Are You Eating Too Much Salt?
Is Raw Chocolate Really Healthy and Raw?
The Effects of Coffee
Water Spinach
Nightshades And Tomatoes

Raw Food Nutrition Topics:

Worried About A Vitamin B12 Deficiency?
Raw Food Nutrition
Will I Get Enough Protein From Plants?
Fruit Nutrition Facts
Banana Calorie and Nutrition Info
The Iceberg Lettuce Nutrition Myth
My B12 Blood Test Results
Can you prevent and reverse aging on a raw food diet?
Avoid a Vitamin Overdose.
Vitamin D Toxicity
Vegetarian DHA
Are bananas really radioactive, and should you be concerned?
What's so good about a fruit and vegetable diet?
Should We Be Juicing Food?
The Causes Of High Blood Sugar
Do we need to eat an organic diet?

How Cooking Damages Food

How cooking damages food.
Cooking and digestive enzymes

Raw Food Videos:

Raw Food Talk With DurianRider
Raw Food Communication
Stop Your Cravings
Raw Food Videos Page
Check out the ugli fruit
Greening The Desert Permaculture Video
Defeating A Colitis Flare Up
Raw In The Winter And The Apple Banana
Escape Your Body Odor
What You Own, Owns You
The Social and Emotional Aspects of Eating
Banana Date Coconut Smoothie Recipe
Why Ugly Fruit Is Best
Guacamole Dip Recipe
Coconut Water Soaked Dates
Just Breathe -Up East Peak
African Keyhole Gardens
How And Why To Build A Keyhole Garden
The Power Of Growing Fruit Plants
Countertop Water Distiller Video
Easy Tangerine Cutting
How to Grow Lettuce
Making Compost On A Raw Food Diet
How to Pick A Good Watermelon
Liquid Composting
A Normal Meal - Raw Tomatoes
Devouring Peaches
Eating Nonno's Plums
Fruit Harvesting 101
Dances With Watermelons
Mamey Sapote Feasting
Can Fresh Olives Ripen Without Curing?
The Ghetto Salad
Rhino Banana
Mango Feast


The 80 10 10 Diet
The China Study
Natural Hygiene Books Main Page
The Fruit Hunters
The Man Who Planted Trees
Nonviolent Communication
Ultramarathon Man
Left In The Dark
Nutrition and Athletic Performance
Famous Vegetarians
Raw Food Controversies

Product Suggestions:

Product Suggestions Main Page
Nutriteam Countertop Water Distiller
An Excellent Spiralizer

How to Handle Fruit:

Fruit Handling Guide Main Page
Fruit Storage Guide
How To Ripen Fruit
Eliminate Fruit Flies
How To Ripen Plantains
Save Money and Effort by buying in bulk
How To Pick A Watermelon
Mail Order Tropical Produce
Foraging For Fruit
Find A Ripe Pineapple
How to ripen papaya

About Andrew:

About Andrew
Andrew's Raw Transformation
Contact Andrew
Raw Food Coaching

Save The Earth:

How You Eat Can Help The Environment
What Trees Do For Us


Born To Run
Human Evolution and Running
Avoid Common Running Injuries
Why Run Barefoot
How to Run Barefoot
Vibram Five Fingers

Natural Body Care:

Natural Body Care Main Article
Natural Deodorant
Repel Mosquitos With Health
Smelly Flatulence

Andrew's Favorite Recipe Articles:

Raw Food Recipes
Green Smoothie
The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast
The Vita Mix Blender

List of Andrew's Recipes:

Raw Mango Salsa
Coconut-Soaked Dried Dates
Raw Spaghetti Recipe
Andrew's Raw Tomato Soup Recipe
Corn Salad Recipe
Persimmon Pie Recipe
Andrew's Tomato Salad Dressing Recipe
Avocado Soup Recipe
Banana Smoothie Recipe
Mango Smoothie Recipe
Banana Smoothie Recipe
Coconut Date banana Smoothie Recipe
Guacamole Recipe
Raw Apple Sauce

Reader Favorite Recipes

Reader Favorite Recipes
Electric Gazpacho
Strawberry Parfait
Slaw Wraps
Pina Coladas
Tomato Mango Appetizers
Banana Papaya Pudding
Stuffed Tomato Cups
Mint Soup
Happy Tomato Salad Dressings
Banana and Dill Dip With Celery Sticks
Mixed Berry Banana Smoothie
Black Grape and Romaine Soup
Peachy Green Salad
Mango-Spinach Soup
Spaghetti Marinara
Date with A Mango Smoothie
Orange Cilantro Dressing Or Dip

Questions From Readers

Ask A Question
Are Raw Peanuts Healthy?
Type Two Diabetes Transition
Dealing With Unsupportive Parents and Cravings
B12 and Soil Health
Iodine Deficiency and Goiter
Protein On A Raw Vegan Diet?
Time Between Meals
Colitis Pain
Will Fruit Make You Fat?
What types of food allow colitis to heal
What to eat after a colitis fast
Fighting a foggy head.
Do we need animal foods for teeth health?
Got Any Tips For Barefoot Running?
Should we eat sprouts?
Fat/Water Soluble Vitamins and Fat Intake
Got Any Lunch Ideas?
Organic Fruit Or None At All?
What Are The Digestive Times of Different Foods?
Are Raw Nuts and Seeds Really Raw? Do We Need To Eat Them?
How Can I Gain Weight On A Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet?
Should I Eat Wheatgrass, Alfalfa Sprouts and Barley Sprouts?
Meat Substitute?
Will Vegetables fight stomach fat?
Will fruit cause sugar spikes?
Safe To Fast One Day A Week?
Small and Cheap Blenders?
Simple Or Complicated Meals For The Beginner?
Too Much Potassium In Fruit?
Carb Load To Prepare A Marathon Run?
What vegetables go good on a salad?
How Long Does Fat Take To Clear The Blood Stream?
Does Alcohol Slow Down Digestion?
What Vegetables Have lots of sodium?
Should we eat watermelon and grape seeds?
How Can I Cure Candida?
How Much Water Should I Drink?
Should I Eat Corn?
Why Do I Crave Avocados?
Can a plantain pill cure fix and enlarged prostate?
Are blended greens better than whole greens?
What if there is little fruit variety in winter?
How do I stay warm in the winter?
How long do detox symptoms last?
Should we eat oats?
Do Broccoli and Cruciferous Vegetables Damage the Thyroid?
How long should I wait after supplementing to test for B12?
How Do I Eat Raw On A Budget?
Going Raw If I Have A Sugar Sensitivity (Candida)?
Should We Soak Nuts And Seeds?
How Do I Ripen Persimmons?
Can I Eat Tofu?
What are the consequenes of a fruit-only diet?
Inspirational Books and Movies
Can I get enough DHA without meat?
What are the consequences of eating salt?
Why do lady finger bananas blend into glue?
Should I be worried about my teeth because of the acid in oranges?
Is it hard to build muslce on a raw food diet?
Do you need shampoo on a raw food diet?
Is brown rice bad for you as an occasional food?
What to do about excessive nighttime urination?
Is Raw Cinnamon Healthy To Eat?
Why does my stomach hurt after fruit meals?
Can you eat too much of a type of fruit?
Will I get skin cancer from the sun?
Are bananas radioactive and dangerous?
Are herbs like cilantro and basil toxic?
How can I get more iron and protein in my diet?
Is pasteurized juice healthy?
Can mangosteens cure allergies?
Why Does Harvey Diamond suggest green tea, supplements, and garlic?
What do you eat on a given day on a raw food diet?
Are dehydrated foods damaged nutritionally? How much?
How about raw fish and sushi on the raw food diet?
Are there any low-fat, non-sweet raw salad dressings I can try?
How long should I take to transition?
What's the best type of water to drink?
Is fresh food alive?
Potassium and the bladder?
What's the best way to protect your skin from sun damage?
Is all salt the same?
How do you diagnose candida?
Should we eat only organic produce on a raw food diet?
Are honey, honeycomb, and pollen good to eat on a raw food diet?
Are mushrooms healthy?
Is 70 too old to go raw?
Should I eat fatty foods like avocado spread out or at the same time?
How long do cavendish bananas take to ripen?
How can I cheaply test my blood sugar?
How do I know if a juice is raw?
Are Bananas A Good Way To Overcome Colitis?
What do you think of the Hallelujah Diet?
Green smoothie addition for blood sugar?
How Can I Learn To Eat Enough Food?
What's the best type of water to buy?
Is a local raw food diet a good idea? Is a raw food diet sustainable?
Will Puruvian maca root cure my thyroid disorder?
Dr. Stanley Bass, sugar poisoning, and grains.
Why do nuts and seeds make me dizzy?


Fruit List
CoCo De Mer
Miracle Fruit
Monstera Deliciosa
The Plantain


Review of the different types of lettuce.



Fruit Hot Spots

Fruit Hot Spots
Parksdale Farm Market
Plant City Flea Market
Fowler Produce
Ubud Market
Giva Raw Food Restaurant
Muang Mai Market
The Chanthaburi Durian Festival

Bad Diets

Bad Diet
Pale and Primal Diets
Blood Type Diet

Sports and Athletics
Homemade Sports Drink


Privacy Policy And Disclaimer

The Raw Food Lifestyle Ebook:

The Raw Food Lifestyle Ebook Purchase Page

Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces Ebook

The Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces Ebook Purchase Page
Why don't the recipes contain garlic and onions?
How Many Recipes Are In Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces?
Will savory raw dressings and sauces help with the raw lifestyle?
My computer can't download. Can you email me the ebook?

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