Raw Avocado Soup Recipe

Here's a simple and delicious raw avocado soup recipe. I especially enjoy it in summer as a cool treat. With the avocado, it's relatively high in fat, so be conscious of its place in your diet.


1 Granny Smith Apple
1 Cucumber
1 Lime
1 Medium size Avocado
1 Some Water
(optional) A few fresh mint leaves


1) Peel the cucumber, the lime, and the avocado
2) Add the ingredients to your blender. Start off with a quarter cup of water, and add more if you like a thinner consistency.
3) Blend
4) Pour into a bowl and add a garnish of parsley, if desired.


Like many of the recipes on this site that require blending, this soup may end up with a poor consistency if your blender isn't up to the task. I'm regularly asked for blender recommendations, and I always suggest the vitamix for avocado soup. It'll blend anything to a smooth consistency, and I highly recommend it.

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