Bad Diets And How To Avoid Them


Bad diets are everywhere - Atkins, paleolithic, blood type, body type, and even high-fat raw diets are all atrocious, but that's just the beginning

That people with credentials try to pawn them off as healthy and effective is sad because many are losing their health trying to enact them.

Luckily, there are two pretty simple criteria you can use to determine if a diet is healthy, which I get into below.

Farther down the page I link to some more in-depth coverage of particularly harmful and misleading diets.


Bad Diets: The View From 20,000 feet


Here are two criterion to help you quickly decide if a diet is unhealthy.

1) The diet suggests meat, dairy, eggs, oils, and other fatty foods should have more than a minimal place in the diet. It's clear that high-fat diets and animal protein cause a lot of disease, and it's best to avoid or minimize them.

2) The diet suggests fruits and vegetables should not provide the majority of calories in a diet. Science is pretty clear that those that eat the most raw produce age the least, feel the best, and develop the least disease, so it's a mistake to avoid it.


Diets In Particular

Here are some lengthy reviews of individual diets and why they're harmful.


Following Up:

Avoid bad diets in the future by adopting a healthy raw food diet.

Learn how to lose weight quickly while supercharging your energy levels.

Figure out what foods are healthy and unhealthy

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