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The Benefits of Raw Food

The benefits of raw food are nearly endless. When you eliminate the constant influx of toxins that most people have coming into their body and replace it with benign food, miracles can happen.

Heart disease and diabetes recede, excess fat is lost, arthritic runners find their stride again, and the energy and exuberance we knew as children starts to return.

But really, the healing is not a miracle. The benefits of raw food do not come from the food, but what is not in the food.

The body starts to make a comeback and when we change our diet. You'll notice improvements within weeks.

What Benefits of Raw Food Will You Actually Notice?

1) Escape Your DiseasesBenefits of Raw Food Watermelon

Have arthritis? Heart disease? IBS?

You Can Heal. These diseases of affluence and many more are brought on by our horrible diets and lifestyles, and can be overcome by eating well and taking care of ourselves.

I overcame colitis, and a number of other issues after switching to a health raw food diet. To read more about overcoming disease, check out this article.

2) Dance Like A Kid

It came on slow. A couple weeks after switching to a raw food diet I started noticing a bit more energy in my day to day activities. There was more spring in my step, and as time went on I started feeling the urge to break into a run just for the sheer joy of it.

Have you ever seen a child spinning in circles because they have the energy and it's fun? This is the type of feeling that you'll have once again after your body has freed up energy from saving you from the bombardment of toxins that is a SAD diet.

3) Lose Weight

One of the most sought after benefits of raw food is the weight loss. When you stop putting toxic salt and other harmful substances in the body, you'll shed water weight. A thin person might have 5-10 pounds of water weight stored up, but an obese person might be holding as many as 30. For water weight information, read this article.

A raw food diet is also great for getting rid of fat becuase it's easy to figure out how many calories you're taking in. You just need to burn 3,500 calories more than you take in to lose a pound. For general weight loss information on a raw food diet, read this raw weight loss article.

4) Run Like A Gazelle, Lift Like A Titan.

Benefits Of Fruit Run

As a cooked food vegan, I went out to run of a few miles several times a week, but it was a drag. I often didn't have much energy or enthusiasm for it. I've overcome this with one of the other benefits of raw foods: increased athletic performance.

Now I've run a marathon. I fly down roads, my pace propelling me faster than I ever though I could go. There are no stitches in my side, I am not laboring for breath, and my energy lasts as the miles pile up behind me.

Every athletic endeavor I engage in has improved on a raw food diet.

Mountain climbing? It's easier to drag yourself up a cliff when you've lost 15 pounds. Endurance running? The simple sugars glucose and fructose found in fruit will fuel your longest runs.

Need muscle? There are raw food body builders have as much muscle as anyone could want. Improvements to my flexibility and balance have even helped my yoga routine. The benefits of raw food are many.

5) Breath Again

Benefits of Raw Food Breath

One of the reasons my runs were so lackluster before was that I couldn't breath. I'd head out running in the morning but would be completely unable to breath out of my nose.

Either one or both nostrils were completely clogged, or if they were open, breathing through them would pull mucous up into my ears, a rather unpleasant situation.

Now I head out and breath in the fresh air with no problems. Breathing is a beautiful thing.

Ill-health, of body or of mind, is defeat. Health alone is victory. Let all men, if they can manage it, contrive to be healthy.
- Thomas Carlyle

6) Improved Skin Appearance

I suffered for years from acne and other skin blemishes. On a raw food diet my skin is clear and healthy. Read this article for information about clearing up your skin and for my personal testimonial.

7) Improved Digestion

One of the benefits of raw foods is that they don't sit in your stomach for hours, weighing you down and sedating you from all the energy the digestion process takes.

Fruit will digest out of your stomach within 30 to 60 minutes. Vegetables take a little longer. No one likes moving with pounds of undigested food fermenting in their stomach, so put quick-digesting and healthy foods inside your mouth.

8) Mental Clarity

I was diagnosed with a learning disability when I was a kid. I found it hard to really care too much about math or such concepts, and my memory wasn't the best. Sure I excelled at reading, but that wasn't going to cut it by itself.

I wish I had known sooner that many of my memory problems would just disappear when I stopped eating unhealthy food. After three or four months on this diet I found that my mind was a lot sharper. I'd meet up with someone I'd met months ago and still recall their name. I could remember little details that I had written into articles months before. As a reporter, I found this to be fantastic, but it's just nice to be able to look someone in the eye and say their name.


Anyone can feel these results. What do you need to do? Adopt a healthy diet for the benefits of raw food.

Improve your lifestyle.

Once you're familiar with the diet, you might want to try some delicious raw food recipes.

Feeling intimidated? Start off simple with a healthy vegan breakfast.

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