The Cure For Body Odor: Diet

Tired of unpleasant body odors? Don't want to smear aluminum-based deodorants under your arms anymore?

There's a pretty simple way to eliminate smells at their source: a better diet.

I've been amazed to find that eating a low fat raw vegan diet largely eliminated my need for deoderant, even when I'm doing strenuous exercise.

To some degree rating how you smell is a subjective task, and genetics has been shown to play a role, but a person can lessen how much they smell by changing what they put in their mouth.

In this article we'll explore how.


Do Vegetarians And Vegans Smell Better?


Body Odor SprintThe biggest food contributor to unpleasant body odor is animal food - meat, eggs, and dairy.

The most significant study looking into meat's contribution to BO divided men into two groups, with half eating meat and the others avoiding it for a period of two weeks (1).

During the final 24 hours, the men wore odor-collecting pads under their arms, which were smelled by 30 women who rated them on pleasantness, masculinity, attractiveness, and intensity.

Afterwards, the meat group was put on a vegetarian diet while the vegetarians were told to eat meat for another two-week period.

When the men were on vegetarian diets, the women rated their smells as more attractive, pleasant, and less intense, and the masculinity of their smell was not perceived as changing.

When the diets were switched, the formerly-vegetarian men had their ratings drop.

So at least as far as a woman's sense of smell is concerned, it seems like avoiding meat is a good idea.

There aren't any studies on the affect of dairy and egg consumption on body odor, but my own experience and anecdotal evidence from a number of vegans seems to indicate that avoiding eggs and dairy makes a large difference as well.


The Other Factors Affecting How You Smell


When I started eating a low fat raw vegan diet based around fruits and greens, I noticed that my sweat simply started to smell like water even while doing strenuous physical activity.

The result is that I haven't had to use deodorant in years.

Although I don't claim to know exactly what's going on here, our natural diet of fruits and greens seems to work out well for us in the smell department.

However, within the parameters of a low fat raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle, I can still cause a rise in BO by doing a number of things.

Here are the ones I've noticed:


Contributors To Body OdorOn A Raw Vegan Diet


Getting Results


You can likely stop using deodorant within a week or so if you start eating a healthy raw food diet while paying attention to the above factors.

Body odor is just one of the many benefits of following such a diet, of course. From weight loss and increased energy to disease reversal, you'll be feeling great.

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Body Odor And Diet: Sources

1) Havlicek, Jan and Pavlina Lenochova "The Effect of Meat Consumption on Body Odor Attractiveness" Chemical Senses Volume 31, Issue 8 Pp. 747-752

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