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The Causes Of High Blood Sugar

The causes of high blood sugar are not a great mystery, although you'd think that must the case with so many people suffering from diabetes, candida, and many connected health complaints.

Controlling blood sugar and maintaining a healthy sugar equilibrium is as easy as stepping away from dietary fat and processed foods and embracing whole, raw fruits and vegetables.

This goes for all but type 1 diabetics, who can improve their situation but not reverse it by adopting these methods due to their inability to produce insulin in sufficient quantities.

The Causes of High Blood Sugar: Looking At The Problem In Reverse

Causes Of High Blood Sugar ReaderViewing the causes of high blood sugar as too much sugar intake and not enough insulin is a mistake. Neither is at the root of the problem.

But because many seem to target sugar and insulin, high blood sugar is usually viewed as something that must be knocked down with drugs, insulin injections, and a diet limiting food intake.

Of course, this does not get rid of diabetes or the high blood sugar levels, as any diabetes patient knows, but merely treats the symptoms. Blood tests usually register regular swings in sugar levels among those using these methods.

Fat, not sugar, is generally the cause of high blood sugar and diabetes. Surprised? You don't hear about it much, but it's been known by the medical community for a long time.

If you know much about diabetes, you've probably heard the name Dr. E.P. Joslin, founder of the famous Joslin Diabetes Center. As far back as 1927, he began to  suggest that his diabetes patients were bringing their problems on themselves with their high-fat diets (1).

By 1959, the Journal of the American Medical Association had published its first study showing that dietary fat was responsible for causing type 2 diabetes and high blood sugar (2).

The evidence continued to build up over the subsequent decades, but it's largely been ignored by the medical and research community.

In 2010, the medical journal Lancet lambasted medical professionals for their obsession with controlling blood sugar with medication while ignoring the fact that patients can prevent or reverse the majority of diabetes cases with diet and lifestyle changes, controlling their blood sugar without worrying about medication or portion size.

The editors called it a, "public health humiliation," that diabetes, a largely-preventable disease, had been allowed to become an epidemic. Of all of the diabetes research presented at the 2010 American Diabetes Association national meeting, they said, "…there is a glaring absence: no research on lifestyle interventions to prevent or reverse diabetes. In this respect, medicine might be winning the battle of glucose control, but is losing the war against diabetes (3).”

Causes Of High Blood Sugar RunWhile Lancet's editors are certainly correct about the lack of good research on the topic, there's actually been enough studies in recent years showing just how reliably one can reverse high blood sugar that it seems almost absurd that drugs and insulin are still the main prescriptions given for diabetes.

The Causes of High Blood Sugar: What Exactly Fat Does

In a healthy individual on a good diet, sugar enters our system in the digestive tract, where it's absorbed from our food. It then passes through the intestinal walls and into the blood stream. Here, sugar molecules hook up with insulin, which essentially escorts it through the blood vessel membrane, into the interstitial fluid, through the cell membrane, and into the cell itself. The cells can then use the sugar for fuel.

But when we eat a high-fat diet, a layer of fat lines the blood-vessel walls, our insulin receptor sites, as well as our insulin and sugar molecules, slowing our rapid sugar processing abilities down to a crawl and leading to increased blood sugar.

The more fat you eat, the harder time sugar has in getting into a cell (4), meaning its stuck in your blood causing all kinds of problems.

The Causes Of High Blood Sugar: How A Low-Fat Diet Helps

If you've got elevated blood sugar levels, or even diabetes, in most cases you can have normal readings and be free of the disease within a few weeks if you're willing to change your diet.

If you eschew animal foods, fatty oils, and processed foods, your blood sugar should quickly normalize.

It's more or less impossible to eat more than minimal amounts of meat, eggs, dairy, vegetable oils, or other fatty foods and keep your fat low enough for optimal blood sugar levels.

Whole, low-fat vegan diets have had the most success in normalizing blood sugar levels.

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In one recent study, diabetic patients on a low-fat vegan diet were able to drop their fasting serum glucose concentration 28% compared with 12% for a control group following the dietary guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. The vegan group also lost more weight and lowered their cholesterol by a greater degree (5).

The blood sugar drops these low-fat diets bring about are so impressive that patients are usually able to discontinue medications and insulin injections within weeks.

After only 26 days, patients in another diet studying an almost-meatless, low-fat diet and exercise regime, largely ditched their medications. In all, 21 of 23 patients on oral medications and 13 of 17 patients on insulin were able to get off of their medications (6).

So how much fat is low fat? The number of calories coming from fat that generally brings about the best results in studies is 10 percent, a number that corresponds with a wide variety of other good health parameters.

The Causes of High Blood Sugar: Why Fruit Sugar And Leafy Greens Are Great


Causes Of High Blood Sugar Fruit

Fruit, which is certainly rich in sugar, has often been criticized as being among the causes of high blood sugar, but this is simply not the case. That sugar is the fuel we need. It's only the fat we eat, not the fruit, that causes the sugar to stay in the blood.

Even the American Diabetes Association, which promotes a short-sighted diet that does not reverse diabetes, praises fruit and does not suggest its restriction (7).

What's more, fruit is a proven diabetes fighter. Adding a mere three servings of fresh fruit a day to a person's diet has been shown to decrease diabetes risk by 18 percent (8).

Leafy green vegetables have also been shown to have a big impact. Pooled data from four studies determined that eating a mere 3.5 cups of raw leafy greens a day provided a 14% decrease in diabetes risk (9).

The Causes of High Blood Sugar: What To Take Away

You do not have to suffer from high blood sugar, type 2 diabetes, candida, or any other associated problems. Suffering from these conditions is a choice, and an easily-reversible one.

Want the best way to reverse your diabetes and lower your blood sugar? Start a low fat raw vegan diet filled with man's original foods.

The Causes of High Blood Sugar: Following Up

Interested in how the same causes of high blood sugar wreak havoc on the rest of the body? Read this article.

Learn more about raw food nutritional topics.

Learn how to make healthy, low-fat raw vegan salad dressings that won't mess with your blood sugar.

The Causes of High Blood Sugar: Sources

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