Banana Date Coconut Smoothie

This coconut smoothie recipe is simple but delicious.

It builds off my coconut-soaked dates recipe by adding the coconut water-saturated dates and their soak water to a blender full of bananas.

Coconut Smoothie Shot If you've ever had a banana date smoothie you know that they're really tasty.

This just ratchets things up a bit. There's an entirely pleasant coconut taste if you do it right.


1) Six dates soaked in coconut water.
2) The remaining coconut soak water (originally two small coconuts) plus the contents of another coconut.
3) Six very ripe bananas covered with brown spots.


Add all ingredients to a strong blender and blend until smooth.

It's critical that you have enough coconut water so you get the taste of coconuts in there

The dates and bananas are nice and sweet by themselves, but they'll overwhelm a small amount of coconut water.


Following Up:

This recipe will work best with a high-quality blender.

See how this coconut smoothie fits into a healthy raw food diet.

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