The Ultimate Raw Food Cold Remedy

Is your grandmother's cold remedy useless? Has winter brought you sickness once again?

The nose drips, you can't breath, your energy is gone- it's horrible. No one wants to be sick, yet every year you put up with it.

So stop.

I know, I make it sound so easy. But even if the implementation seems daunting, the solution is quite simple.

An Incredible Cost For A Simple Ailment

Adults in the United States averages two to four colds annually (1). There are theories, but no one can explain why most colds occur from September to April (2). Colds lead to 75 to 100 million doctor visits a year at a cost of at least $7.7 billion a year, not to mention the $2.9 billion spent on over-the-counter drugs, and $400 million for prescription medication (1).

Workers miss 126 million workdays a year to stay home to care for children with colds, and when added to the 150 million workdays missed by employees suffering from colds, the total economic impact of cold-related work loss exceeds $20 billion (1)(3).

Doctors say that colds are caused by a large variety of viruses which mutate frequently during reproduction, resulting in constantly changing virus strains. Because of this, achieving immunity is unlikely, they say.

Though billions have been poured into the effort, no ones been able to come up with a vaccine to prevent colds or a drug that fights it off. All medications merely treat symptoms, rather than the cause. (4) In short, science has no cold remedy.

On The Path To A Cold Remedy

The problem is with our perceptions of what causes a cold.

I got more than my fair share of them growing up. I just figured there were a lot of germs roaming around, and relied on some chicken soup for my completely ineffective cold remedy.

I was really overweight as a kid, and when I stopped eating meat, dairy, eggs, and processed food in an attempt to heal some medical problems and lose weight when I was a sophomore in college, I noticed an odd side effect after a year or two- I wasn't really getting sick anymore. I had one really bad cold as soon as I made the change, and then they rarely troubled me.

I went from six or eight colds a year to perhaps one or two really minor ones, and I patted myself on the back because, I told myself, all those veggies I was eating had revved my defense against germs into overdrive, so I wasn't as likely to get sick.

The reason those minor colds were quickly gone was because my immune system was wiping them our soon after they struck, I figured.

Raw Food: Anti Cold Remedy?

So I was feeling really good on a plant-based vegan diet, but I was still suffering from an intestinal problem, which my doctors were continuously upgrading (first calling it gluten intolerance, then IBS, and finally either Coltis or Crohn's disease. I refused to have anything more to do with my doctor after he wanted to stick me on pills for the rest of the my life, and I decided to find my cure elsewhere.

After a deal of searching, I discovered 80/10/10, a healthy, fruit-based, low-fat raw diet. I started fumbling around with the transition later in college. I'd go on the diet for a few months, my intestines would feel great, but then I'd succumb to eating some Chinese food because I hadn't figured out about controling cravings. But one of the strange things I observed was that though I felt poorly after going back to cooked foods, I'd always get a cold a week or two after my inevitable return to a raw food diet. Why was it always after I started eating healthy that I would catch a cold?

Science Has No Cold Remedy

Some time passed before I had the answer to that question.

I was reading a bit about natural hygiene theory and discovered an article by Dr. Herbert Shelton. In it, he said:

Colds are preventable; but before we can learn to prevent them, we have to learn their causes. So long as it is assumed that germs and viruses are the causes of colds, and so long as our efforts at prevention are directed at these microscopic and submicroscopic beings, the cold will not be prevented.

So long as we hug the old delusion that a cold is something that we "catch" or that "catches" us, and against which we have to defend ourselves by the employment of some anti-vital and unphysiological substance, whether taken by mouth or by injection, just so long will our efforts at prevention prove futile. (5)

That was the first time I had ever heard anyone question germ theory, and I was intrigued.

Shelton goes on to explain that the symptoms of the colds that make us miserable are the result of the body attempting to liquidate toxic matter from the body.

How does toxic matter build up? Ingesting large quantities of improper food like meat, dairy, eggs, processed and cooked foods, as well as stimulants like coffee are likely the largest cause for most people. But when this culinary assault is combined with insufficient periods of rest- when the body has a chance to expel toxins, and toxemia reaches a level of saturation above the norm for that person, the body will attempt to expel toxins quickly to bring the level back down to normal.

These expulsions - rare for those that live healthfully, but frequent when your lifestyle is toxic- are the symptoms of the common cold.

From the first cold during infancy, your tissue has been saturated with metabolic waste. Colds don't completely expel all toxic matter, but only bring it down to a level at which the body can function.

Don't Believe Me?

I didn't believe this at first read either. I could tell you to investigate Koch's postulates, but it's probably quicker to just tell you how to let your body cure your cold quickly.

Stop harming yourself, and watch yourself get better

The Hygienic Cold Remedy

So I've told you what's causing your cold symptoms - your body is expelling toxic matter.

The average cold takes 7-14 days to shake (6), so I'll show you how to get rid of yours in in three or four days using hygienic principles.

Here's what you do for the Ultimate Cold Remedy:

  • Stop Eating
  • Yes. Eat nothing. Ever notice that your appetite lessens or disappears when you're sick? There's a good reason. Food digestion takes a ton of energy that the body would rather be using to expel waste. By eating food-which may well be toxic if you're eating a SAD diet- you're only prolonging your ailment by adding to the toxic load and taking energy away from expulsion. Your body shuts down your sense of hunger intelligently, but most people stuff themselves anyway to "keep up their strength." Stop, and let your body do it's thing. If recovery takes three or four days, that's fine; people have lived months on nothing but water.
  • Drink Only Water
  • No juice, no coffee, no tea. Just water. If you're thirsty, drink all you want, but don't force yourself.
  • Sleep Way More
  • Many people tell themselves that they function "fine" on 6 hours of sleep, or even less. Most get by with stimulants, but the body is likely not getting nearly enough rest, which is when the expulsion of toxins is quickest. Let yourself sleep literally as long as you can. If you sleep 10 or 12 hours, that's great. Your body really needs the rest. Make your health a priority in your life and get to bed. Turn off the T.V., skip the social function and just sleep.
  • Minimize Everything Else
  • The stress and worry of everyday life takes a toll on you too. You may not be able to escape some things, but everything you do that's not resting is keeping your body from eliminating the toxic matter. Make healing a priority to the largest degree possible.

    That's it. Watch yourself get better in record time without further polluting your body with medication.

    Following Up On The Hygienic Cold Remedy

    So you've slept away much of three or four days without a bite to eat, and you wake up feeling pretty great. Your sinuses are clear, you can breath the fresh air, and you feel alive again. You've just proven to yourself the power of the this hygienic cold remedy.

    Now it's up to you to make sure you stay healthy. How do you do this?

    You need to switch to a healthy raw food diet and lifestyle. that will make another cold remedy unnecessary.

    Why do you think you're usually shopping for cold remedy in the fall and winter? Could be be that you've stuffed yourself with unhealthy food at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then drowned yourself with alcohol on New Year's Eve? Do you stay indoors and not exercise as much because it's cold out? Do you not get much sun for the same reason?

    Look into your lifestyle, and you'll find your cause.

    The Sickness That Follows the Cold Remedy

    Ironically, It's often the case that after you've cleaned up your life, you may get sick again within a few weeks or months of feeling good.

    I told you that a cold will not completely liquidate all the toxic matter in your body, but instead only bring it down to a level at which it's been used to functioning. So after you start eating and living healthfully, your body will sort of "drop down another set point level," for lack of a better term, in toxicity becuase it wants to operate at a cleaner state. After this expulsion, you should be healthy.

    It's also worth noting that this doesn't happen to some people until they go on a prolonged fast.
    Learn what foods are good to eat after your cold remedy.

    Hygienic Cold Remedy Sources:

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