Raw Corn Salad Recipe

Corn Salad Recipe

This is a great raw corn salad recipe that I enjoy. It's easy and quick to make but quite satisfying.

Ingredient freshness is key. Corn should be eaten very soon after its picked because right after being harvested the sugar in corn starts turning to starch.

Within 24 hours its lost 25 percent of its sugar, and consequently, much of its taste. Its best to get corn right from the farm, or at least from a seller who can speak for its freshness.

  •     5 cups raw corn. (typically requires eight medium cobs)
  •     3 cups celery
  •     3 cups cucumber (you may wish to peel them).
  •     3 cups tomato
  •     Several sprigs of parsley
  •     (Optional) rosemary, mint or basil leaves


Corn Salad Cob CutCut the kernels off the cobs. Dice the cucumbers, celery, and tomato.

Toss with finely chopped parsley and (optional) add additional spices like rosemary, mint, or basil, to taste.

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