Don't Suffer From Crohns Disease Anymore

Crohns disease is a horrible affliction, but suffering from it is completely unnecessary. By following the correct course of action you can eliminate most of the symptoms of the disease within a month, and your body will likely be completely healed within the course of a year.

What I counsel is not a sickening course of drugs or a few hours under the surgeon's knife, but the adoption of a healthy lifestyle that will route at the disease at its source.

You don't need to worry about pain and pus and blood in your stool. You don't need to think about how badly your intestines are damaged. You just need to give your body the space it needs to take care of the problem, and it will. I suffered from this for years, but I found the cure.

The Medical Approach To Crohns Disease

Doctors merely try to fight symptoms with their drugs and surgeries, attempting to patch over what they can't cure. I challenge you to find me a single doctor who has actually cured a case of Crohns, colitis, or IBS.

They can't do it, becuase their methods do not address the cause of the symptoms. What doctors do is as foolish as trying to treat the stings of wasps when you're sitting amidst a swarm of them. You'll just keep getting stung.

The proper course of action is to run away from the wasps, and then your wounds will be healed by your body in time. Similarly, you're not going to have success curing Crohns disease by doing what you've been doing and patching over the negative effects as best you can. It just won't work.

A Sane Approach to Crohns Disease

Medical science refuses to consider that the standard western diet that we consume is completely denatured and unhealthy.

It is our diet, along with our lifestyle, that causes the linked gastrointestinal problems that we suffer from. IBS, Crohns, and Colitis are all just different manifestations of the same affliction - bad food.

Meat, grains, dairy, eggs, and other processed, denatured, and cooked foods are what's causing our suffering. By removing these irritants, you can let your body heal itself from Crohns disease.

So what what food will not harm the body?

In his book, "Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's," David Klein, Ph.D., says,

"People who have switched to natural, vegan whole foods diets have found that their previous diet was largely responsible for their (Colitis and Crohn's) and that medicines only contributed to their ill health. They also discover that their new natural diet is more satisfying and energizing because it is the "the real thing"- it is pure, nourishing food which their taste buds truely appreciate the most." (1)

Klein has supervised the cures of over 1000 Colitis, Crohn's and IBS sufferers to a raw vegan diet, and he recommends a diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

This simple and amazingly satisfying diet bring you to realms of energy, strength, and health that you've never imagined.

The Diet That Heals Crohns Disease

A healthy raw food diet is what you need to cure yourself.

This diet consists primarily of whole, raw fruits and vegetables. Small quantities of nuts and seeds will also eventually fine along with fatty fruits.

At the beginning of your healing journey your digestion needs to be babied a bit.

Until your symptoms subside you should stick to a simple diet of non-acidic raw fruits. Bananas are perfect, and you can easily just eat them for all your needs, but feel free to eat anything else you fancy as well. Fruits are the key to this diet.

Vegetables are hard for a damaged digestive system to handle. Eating vegetables before you've healed may bring on your previous symptoms. Eat nothing cooked or processed. Keep it simple, and enjoy yourself.

Healing From Crohns Disease

Exactly how long your body will take to heal depends on how damaged your body is. I had colitis, which is a less severe manifestation of Crohns disease.

My intestinal pain, blood, pus, gas, constipation, and all other major symptoms disappeared within a month. I still had to take it easy on vegetables for another few months. Whenever I ate them, the gas and pus would return. My system could handle them completely by month four on the diet.

Some people feel worse before they feel better. Headaches and sluggishness are not uncommon as your body detoxes. Take it easy during this phase, secure in the knowledge that your body is just fixing itself and eliminating toxins, though the experience may not be a pleasant one for you.

Today, I know unparalleled health. I don't get sick, I have tremendous energy, and I just feel fantastic. Perhaps best of all, though, is that I don't give my intestinal situation more than a cursory though throughout the day. I'm just grateful that my body was able to heal itself when I stopped harming it.

You too can know the same success. Just adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.

For more information, learn about the diet that will defeat Crohns disease.

You'll also want to read up on the raw food lifestyle.

Best of luck, and enjoy your new disease-free body.

(1) "Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's," David Klein Ph.D., pg. 4-2.

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