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A Natural Cure For Impotence

Looking for a natural cure for impotence? Cut out the meat.

We think of meat as the manliest of foods. Sam Elliot's gravely voice exhorts us to eat it for dinner, everyone praises it for its "muscle-building" protein, but there can be nothing more emasculating.

Meat erodes the two surest signs of virility that we have- our ability to have and sustain an erection and the testosterone levels that fuel our desire. If this were more widely known, I have a feeling that most men would start moving toward a plant-based diet.

A Cure For Impotence That Addresses the Underlying Problem

Cure For Impotence Banana

The penis is basically a hydraulic system. Blood needs to reach it so it can enlarge. The vast majority of cases in which it can't aren't due to stress or other mental issues; it's a simple problem that any engineer would be familiar with.

The cause of impotence is the build up of fat in and the degradation of the arterial system that supplies the penis with blood (1). When the arteries are too clogged to carry blood, you won't get a solid erection. So if you're having problems getting it up, you can bet that it's becuase you've been hitting up the meat, dairy, and eggs, the primary causes of fatty deposits in our arteries.

During a man's reproductive years, regular meat eating will lower sperm count, shorten sperm life, decrease ejaculate volume, and cause infertility (2). All of these problems are largely absent in those who abstain from meat, dairy and eggs (3).

The same arterial system that's too clogged to send blood to the penis is also slowly but surely becoming too clogged to send blood to the brain and heart.

According to a JAMA study, 45 percent of those who have erectile dysfunction end up having a stroke or heart attack (4).

Why is this happening? Erectile dysfunction is usually seen in men with high cholesterol levels (6) and high levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol (9). Both of those conditions are brought on by regular meat consumption. You eat the fatty stuff, it layers your arteries, and blood flow is decreased. Simple as that.

I should mention that the humble banana as well as all other fruits and vegetables have no cholesterol.

The Chemical Side of the Cure For Impotence

Cure For Impotence SmoothieAll the blood flow in the world isn't going to do you any good if you're not interested, which brings me to the coup de grâce.

You're literally manlier for not eating meat, dairy and eggs because you don't have the female hormone estrogen coursing through you, and you've got higher levels of what makes men men.

I found out about this little scientific gem while I was in college. I had just become a cooked-food vegan, and a few of my friends were ribbing me over it. Girly salad food, etc. I played the virility card, and it silenced them pretty quickly.

How did I do it? I painted a clear picture of their manhood withering away with every bite of the hamburgers they were stuffing into their mouths. Sure their arteries were becoming clogged, but what about the chemical side of things?

Testosterone levels determine sexual development and interest levels. Meat eaters rank 13 percent lower in testosterone than vegans (5).

The reason? We don't know for sure, but it's most likely becuase meat eaters are constantly exposing themselves to female hormones. What do you think is inside that cow you're eating - a cow that is kept pregnant and producing milk, I might add. And unless you're eating organic meat, that cow is getting hormonal growth injections.

We know that female estrogen wreaks havoc on the reproductive system when put into a man (6).

Think You Don't Need A Cure For Impotence?

You're manly. You don't eat that much meat, dairy and eggs anyway. It can't happen to you, or you don't want to think about your food that much. You want there to be no consequences for what you send down your throat.

Unfortunately, you're not likely to get away with that for long.

Some people as young as their late 20s start becoming impotent, though the damage has been building since a young age. Between the ages of 40 and 70, 52 percent of the populace will have some degree of dysfunction, while 10 percent have total absence of function due to ED, according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study.

Just about every man that eats animal products suffers from the lowered testosterone (8).

It's unlikely that you'll avoid emasculation completely while still eating animal protein, so you're gong to need a cure for impotence the gets at the source of things.

Raw Fruit And Vegetables Are A Natural Cure For Impotence

You can take all the pills you like, but they're not addressing the underlying cause that's also slowly killing you.

Cure For Impotence ProduceThe key to a cure for impotence and removing years of accumulated arterial fat, or plaque, is to switch to an extremely healthy low fat diet with no animal protein or cooked foods. The diet should be based around fruit and vegetables, with very limited overt fat intake.

Adopting a low fat vegan diet allows the body to  start reversing atherosclerosis very quickly (7). In 1997, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn published a 12-year study of his ART (Arrest and Reversal Treatment) program in the American Journal of Cardiology. His patients were all essentially on a low fat vegan diet.

He found that following the program, his patients averaged a seven percent reduction in arterial plaque over the first five years. This may not sound like much, but remember that the volume of blood delivered is 30 percent greater when the diameter is increased by 7 percent.

That 30 percent increase is enough to prevent a heart attack or stroke, Esselstyn found, and while no studies have been done on bringing back sexual function, when the arteries are clear again, blood will be able to flow freely to any extremity. Full sexual function will return in time.

Fruit lowers triglyceride levels, when you get rid of triglyceride and and other blood fats, it helps to stop and reverse the build up of arterial fat. Fruit should definitely be a mainstay of your diet.

Cure For Impotence: Following Up

So stop worrying about pills or doctors. Allow your body to heal itself by adopting a healthy raw food diet.

Read more about the the other diseases defeated by the same diet the provides a cure for impotence

Learn how the cure for impotence is affected by a high-fat diet.

The Cure For Impotence: Sources

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