Coconut-Soaked Dried Dates

Coconut Water Soaked Dried DatesYour dried dates need some refreshment.

Dates are a fantastic food, but dried dates -which you should probably are common. Even if you get some ideally ripe dates, they've still got a low water content.

You probably know that by soaking them in water they become much more easily digestible, but here's a recipe that will make them even tastier.

Simply open up a few coconuts and put the coconut water in a bowl or glass. Load that container with as many dates as you can fit, and leave them to soak for about two hours.

Pop one in your mouth and see how they taste. Good right?

It's the great taste of a date but with a nice added kick from the coconut water.

Enjoy the dates, and then drink down the rest of the soak water.

I think these are the perfect treat after a long workout.

One other option is to use these soaked dates in a smoothie.

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