Fruit Hunters' Hot Spots


The fruit hunters -  you know if you're one of them.

Prowling through the produce section of asian grocerey stores, looking for something besides staid cavendish bananas and red delicious apples; going on vacationx to tropical locations so you can find exotic fruit in out-of-the-way villages.

These hunters can be raw foodists or simply average joes with a taste for the exotic. You might be looking for some back alley grocer selling boxes of manzano bananas for $8, or quest after the hard-to-get coco de mer .

On this page you'll find a few spots - some far more interesting than others - where you can find either good fruit deals or an exotic selection. Some spots are worth mentioning because they allow raw foodists to buy lots of fruit at cheap prices, others because they have unusual fruits and vegetables for sale.

I may also post about good raw food restaurants and festivals from time to time.


Fruit Hot Spots:


United States


Fowler Produce, Hartford, Connecticut


Central Florida

Parksdale Farm Market - Plant City, Florida

Plant City Flea Market -  Plant City, Florida



Ubud's Central Market



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