A Fruitarian's Fruit List

Here's an incomplete fruit list of some of the foods that will delight you on a raw food diet.

There are hundreds of thousands of fruits according to conservative estimates, many of them isolated in remote areas, and more lurk undiscovered and nameless in the depths of rain forests.

Fruit List Exotic

New varieties are constantly emerging through the vagaries of chance and humanity's methodical breeding attempts, and we can but sit back and admire the masterful work of nature. There are bananas that taste like ice cream and peanut butter, apricots that are blue, and berries that make every sour thing you put in your mouth sweeter than sugar candy.

Fruit List GooEuropean monarchs once vied to get exotic fruit shipped to their door, and adventurers trekking to the edges of the world savored it. Fruit List Coco De MerYou could -and some do- spend your life hunting down fruit and never taste them all.

But if you're an obsessed raw foodist like me, that's no reason to quite trying.

So whether you want to try unusual cold-tolerant fruits or the best the tropics have to offer, get tasting.

Enjoy this list I've assembled from some of the most interesting fruit out there.

The List:

Family Sapotaceae


Following Up:

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