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The Fruitarian Diet

There is perhaps no more enjoyable, healthy, or tasty diet than a fruitarian one.

Your food is nature's bounty. Don't worry about adding sauces or condiments to spice things up. Just pick ripe fruit off the trees and you've got everything you need. If you want to recover lost health or discover new levels of energy, you've come to the right place.

The Particulars

A healthy raw fruitarian diet consists of tons of fruit, but also includes a good deal of leafy green vegetables as well.

Fruit has the most vitamins per calorie, but is beaten out by vegetables in terms of minerals per calorie. Between two and five percent of your diet should come from vegetables.

Fruitarian - Fruit SpreadFor the average person, that would work out to between one and two heads of lettuce a day.

Because vegetables are so calorically light, it will be a large part of your diet in terms of bulk, but a small part in terms of calories. These greens are  necessary all the same, however.

Outside of greens, you can look forward to all the fruit you want, aiming for a maximum of 10 percent of calories from overt fat. The rest of the nutritional aims of the diet will fall in place.

Luscious, sweet peaches, bananas, and figs are yours to enjoy.

For more specific information about following a healthy fruitarian diet, read this article.


Got disease? Chances are a fruitarian diet will cure it. Rather than go through the laundry list of health improvements to be expected, check out this lengthy article here.

The Feeling

Fruitarian - Let The Light Shine InIt's hard to fully explain, but besides the health improvements you'll see, there are all kinds of slightly intangible benefits that you'll start noticing the longer you've been on this diet.

So many of my interests, passions and much of my creativity got put on hold for so long because I just didn't seem to have the mental or physical energy to pursue them.

After a few months on the diet, I began to increasingly feel as if these walls were coming down. It's as if I suddenly got plugged into something that felt really, really good.

Containing my creativity became a bigger problem than the occasional task of dredging up some mental juice used to be.

Now I find myself training for a marathon, working on this website to help others, riding my bike on long distance trips, and doing a lot of writing I'd been putting off. This is just the beginning.

I've felt so good, so passionate, that I can't help but be happy. My mood seems to have reset from my previous default of "blank", to " slight smile". It takes me longer to lose my equilibrium of happiness now, and spring back much quicker.

Are There Dangers?

There are far more health dangers on a SAD diet than on a raw food one. Protein? You'll average around 5-8 percent of calories. This is more than sufficient for all your needs. There are fruitarian body builders, which should tell you something.

Carbohydrates? That'll be at about 80 percent of calories, which you need to fuel your life and physical exercise. Fat? Keep it under 10 percent and you can say goodbye all those fat-related diseases - heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, you name it.

Fruitarian Old PosterCancer? Just about every cancer society in the world will tell you of fruit's anti-cancer properties.

The dangers are in the Standard American Diet, not in the fruitarian one.

If you're eating according to the plan I laid out above and your lifestyle is healthy, you have little to worry about. Eat enough calories, and eat under 10 percent of calories from fat.

If you're sticking to raw fruits and vegetables, with even some nuts and seeds occasionally mixed in, you'll do great.


Want health, energy, and a whole new way of feeling? Go fruitarian. You won't regret it.

Read how becoming a fruitarian is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Learn the specifics of what to eat here.

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