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A High Energy Diet

It's a high energy diet - that's what I often find myself telling people when they ask what could possibly be motivating me to eat only raw fruits and vegetables.

That description doesn't really do it justice, but I find I can't convey exactly what raw foods, combined with healthy living, really do for a person.

Sure, I rattle off the many physical benefits, but it's more than that. I'm tempted to say that it's less a high energy diet and more a periodic inducer of euphoria. 

High Energy Diet - Finding Your Sweet Spot

This afternoon I came back in from a 10-mile run and some other exercising and devoured four large cantaloupe - some of the best I've ever had. For the next three hours I was just blissed out.

The sweet spot I'm talking about is half way between the beautiful exhaustion that comes from working your body to the edge of your ability and that buzz you get from sugars surging through you.

High Energy Diet Water

Perhaps a part of it was from the three days of sunbathing I've racked up, or the many nights of abundant sleep.

I don't know where this bliss comes from, but I felt like I was practically floating all afternoon.

It's not something I ever experienced before I started eating like this, and I've universally failed to appropriately convey it to others. How can you describe bliss?

Just this afternoon I was talking to a friend and the usual raw food conversation came up.

I tried to tell him about how great feeling good can be, but I ended up concluding with, "I just can't explain because I just feel so amazing that there are no words. It's like a throb of contentment. I've never taken drugs, but I imagine this must be a bit like what drugs feel like, only when it ends, there's no withdrawal."

"You're off your rocker, man," my friend told me with a laugh and a slap on the shoulder.

High Energy Diet - Something Deeper

My very personality seems to be changing for the better. It's like many of my old guarded ways are collapsing, and I know that the future will be ok. I just don't worry as much, even though I'm doing riskier things in pursuit of my goals.

I was overweight and sick when I was younger and I frankly never felt good, physically or mentally. When I first switched over I thought maybe this was how normal people feel all the time, but soon I realized that most people seem to feel like crap for a good part of their life.

I can't say I never have any downs, but they certainly aren't around as long, and the periods of joy are more frequent.

High Energy Diet Shore Run

Many of my beliefs about how the outside world works also seem to be shifting.

Before this diet, fruit was just a food.

Now, I find picking fruit in an organic orchard, with the riot of life all around me, to be as much about spirituality as hunger.

When biting into a perfectly tree-ripened peach, the sweet juices filling my mouth, there's something bordering on ecstasy going on.

For the first time in my life, so many possibilities seem not only possible, but probable. I have the energy and mental clarity to go after them, and I do. 

I've also, to a degree, let go, acknowledging there are things occurring that I don't fully understand.

High Energy Diet - Try It To Understand

I'm not sure I can fully convey with words what this diet does for you outside of the assurance that it makes you better. 

If you want to experience it, just dive right in.

As the months and years go by you'll find yourself at the helm of an ever-richer experience.

And maybe you'll one day find yourself explaining to baffled questioners, 'It's a high energy diet.'

High Energy Diet Following Up:

Read about the high energy diet or raw fruits and vegetables I'm talking about in this article.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle.


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