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High Fat Diets - An Experiment

High fat diets will make you feel and look like crap - that's my take after two and a half weeks of downing avocados and nuts.

The experiment came about because I started noticing that a day or two after I consumed overt fat (fats that are obviously very fatty, like avocados, nuts and seeds), acne would appear on my face.

Prior to going raw I had continuous acne on my face, and was pleased that it mostly disappeared when I shifted to a low fat raw vegan diet.

After making the connection, I wanted to test if high fat raw diets were really the culprit, and decided to eat all the fat I pleased for three weeks, with at least 20 percent of my total calories coming from fat each day.

All fruits and vegetables have fat, of course, and on a normal day I might average 5 to 9 percent of my calories from fat. Every day of the experiment I added in enough avocados and nuts to boost my intake level to above 20 percent. One day I even hit 30 percent.

By the standards of most people, 20-30 percent isn't high fat, but merely average. I beg to differ.

Within two days of beginning my experiment, my face went from clear to pimple-spotted.


Before Acne

After 2 and 1/2 Weeks:

With Acne

Not only did acne appear on my face and stay on my face for the whole experiment, but my energy level dropped, my face looked puffy, I had brain fog, and my stamina for normal athletic endeavors like running decreased. Generally, I just didn't feel well.

After two and a half weeks I called it quits and ended my experiment, satisfied that there was definitely a connection.

Now of course I'm not suggesting that fat is bad. Fat is necessary for the function of the body. However, the small quantities present in low fat raw fruits and vegetables are all we require

I'll still periodically indulge in overt fats from here on out, but I'll do so knowing that there are consequences.

High Fat Diets: Following Up

Look at the science behind why high fat diets are not optimal.

Read about how raw diets can get rid of your acne.

Read about a healthy raw diet.

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