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Nutriteam Home Water Distiller Review

A home water distiller can save you a lot of time and money by providing cheap and delicious water that's free of the chemicals and contaminants you'll find in tap water.

After making a gallon of pure water, I'll often lift the cover off my Nutriteam Countertop Water Distiller and just of stare at the goo and murky puddle of yellow water that's left at the bottom of the boiling chamber. An acrid chemical smell fills the air, and I quickly take the container off to be washed. Seeing the foul-smelling residue makes me happy that I'm not drinking tap water, and sad I've been doing it all these years.

See what I mean in this video:

How Does A Home Water Distiller Work?

You put a gallon of tap water inside the boiling chamber and start it up. The water is heated, and the steam rises before condensing toward the top of the chamber and dripping through a charcoal filter into a glass collection jar. Water impurities are left behind at the bottom of the chamber, which accounts for the rather disturbing residue.

What Harmful Things In Tap Water Will This Take Care Of?

Our tap water is laced with chlorine and fluoride by misguided health officials. Bother were used as chemical weapons and are capable of killing people in high doses. Fluoride is also linked to the weakening of the skeletal system and discoloration of the teeth, as well as deceased IQ and motor function in developing children.

In addition, a recent study has shown that tap water in 42 states is laced with 260 chemicals, of which 140 lack government-set contamination limits.

Among the most commonly present are Atenolol, which is used to treat cardiovascular disease, Atrazine, a herbicide banned in the European Union and Carbamazepine, a mood-stabilizer used for bipolar disorder.

Does that sound like stuff you want to be taking into your body?

All of these will be left behind when you use a home water distiller.

Read more about why a home water distiller is a good thing to have around.

What Can't It Remove?

Nutriteam Home Water DistillerA home water distiller removes about 99.5 percent of containments, but it can't do anything about volatile organic compounds.

These are chemicals that boil at temperatures close to water (207-218 degrees Fahrenheit). Because of this, they're carried over to the storage container along with the water.

But the Nutriteam distiller has a simple carbon filter that removes VOCS as the water drips into the storage container. Post-treatment filters are a standard and effective method of dealing with VOCS.

So What's So Good About This Model In Particular?

  • Different distillers will be best for certain people, with the main difference being how much water they need.
  •  The Nutriteam home water distiller cleans a gallon in four to five hours. You simply fill it with water, start it, and after the water has been distilled into the storage container, the unit shuts itself off.
  • Those with large families that drink a lot of water will need a higher-capacity unit, but raw foodists meet most of their water needs through their food, so significantly less is necessary than for those on a SAD diet.
  • This model has a stainless steel boiling chamber and glass collection container, which is key. Plastic, especially when heated, leeches chemicals into water. The last thing you'd want to do is distill your water and then drop it into a plastic bucket so it can be recontaminated.
  • The price of this model, $185, is among the most reasonable you'll find on the market among distillers with similar features.
  • Assuming a seven-cents-an-hour electricity cost to run the distiller (costs vary by region), it will make a gallon of water for you for 35 cents. The cheapest I see a distilled gallon of water sold for in stores is $1. If you go through five gallons a week, you'll save $13 a month, or $156 a year, and not have to deal with the hastle of hauling around jugs of water. Store-bought distilled water also almost invariably comes in plastic containers, which will leach chemicals into the water.
  • Because it turns itself off, you can set it up and leave your home without worrying about it, or run it overnight and wake up in the morning to a fresh gallon of water.

I'm very pleased with the delicious water my Nutriteam Home Water Distiller turns out, and by the chemicals I know I'm keeping out of my body by using it.

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