Ishmael Book Review

Why should you read Ishmael?

All the questions dancing about in your head that you've lacked the context to tackle just might come into focus when you have this information to stand on.

For countless thousands, our culture isn't living up to our expectations, and we're disillusioned. The Hippies of the the 60s tried to rebel. They failed because though they were disgusted with how things were going, they didn't have anything of their own to replace it with.

Some tried to return to the land, others tried taking on the establishment, but the movement faded away because you can only move toward something positive. Moving away from what you don't like isn't enough to bring permanent change.And so we drag on, unsatisfied but unsure of how to proceed.

In Steps Quinn

Through a fictional student-learner dialogue - oddly enough between a gorilla and a man - Quinn uses Ishmael to tackle some of the the most pressing concerns of our world, and gives us something positive to move toward.

People are dissatisfied with working in drudgery for eight or more hours a day, but they see no alternative if they don't want to be a bum on the street. They see that the environment is in trouble, and that our perpetual population growth is threatening the planet, but we don't know how to call an end to the escalating war. This book will completely change your view on the development of our culture. For years I've grappled with pieces of the picture, but I've never been able to put it into an easily digestible and relevant ideology. Whenever I try to bring up the pieces with people, I feel like I need to go over huge swaths of history, and the attempts usually fail.

But Ishmael is an approachable and enjoyable read that will not depress you so much as make you wonder what the next step is.

Quinn continues the story with "The Story of B" and "My Ishmael," which further expands and develops the ideas of the first book. All all worth your time.

It isn't about screwing with the system or futile gestures. It's about changing our culture's dream.

Does Quinn's New Tribalism Contradict The Raw Vegan Lifestyle?

Just because Quinn uses the examples of some early and existing meat-eating hunter gatherer societies doesn't make his message an anathema to vegetarians and raw vegans any more than permaculture's usual use of animals is.

What he suggests is a dramatic shift in our culture, but it doesn't have to be toward a meat eating one.

There are plenty of examples of sustainable agricultural systems based around fruit and vegetable production. Quinn is not against agriculture, but merely totalitarian agriculture. A healthy raw food diet is still very possible while respecting the earth. It's actually much easier.

Get Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, here.

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