Low Fat Raw Vegan: The Only Sensible Way To Eat

A low fat raw vegan diet just makes sense, and adhering to its three central tenets - to the largest extent you're capable - is the sanest way to live.

The healthy raw diet I endorse on Raw-Food-Health.net is definitely a low fat raw vegan diet (also called a high carb raw vegan diet, or condensed to LFRV), and it's worked wonders for me.

On this diet I've overcome my colitis, lost tons of weight, and achieved fantastic levels of health and fitness.

So many people experience such a huge range of benefits by eating this way, ranging from the reversal of physical diseases to overcoming mental disorders, that it's hard to believe more people don't embrace it.

Low Fat Raw Vegan Kayak

Tenets of a Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet

  Although there are many nuances, the basic reason why a healthy raw diet is so effective lies in its ability to meet three criteria: it is low in fat, uncooked, and avoids animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs.

If you follow these three tenets, you'll be steered toward all the right decisions because doing things the wrong way becomes hard or impossible.

Eat A Low-Fat Diet

Overwhelmingly, science tells us that the longest lived, most disease resistant, and most athletically dominant populations adhere to a low fat diet.

What does this mean in practice? It means keeping your percentage of calories from fat below 10 percent, and the elimination or minimization of fatty foods like oils, nuts, and the small number of fruits that are very fatty, such as avocados.

Why is this important? When people eat too much fat, the body's ability to transport and uptake sugar, the fuel that runs every cell, becomes highly impaired. This leads to high blood sugar and type two diabetes, a condition that's reached epidemic proportions in the western world.

Personally, my face breaks out in acne, I don't feel good, and my athletic performance declines when I try eating fat for 20-30 percent of my calories.

Eat Only Raw Food

Low Fat Raw Vegan FruitWhen we eat any sort of processed food, whether it's a plate of steamed vegetables, frozen fruit, or a preservative-ridden pop tart that's sat on a store shelf for 6 months, the nutritional quality of our food is less than optimal and we may be opening the way up to diseases.

Some processing methods -such as freezing- only do minor damage to a food, but cooking is undoubtedly a problem, sapping many of the nutrients we require from the finished product. Cooking also causes carcinogens to form in food, such as Heterocyclic amine (HCAs) and a number of other toxic elements.

Eat Only Plant Foods

The longest-lived populations eat little meat, dairy, and eggs and all signs point toward a correlation between the intake of this animal protein and the development of a wide range of diseases.

Meat, for instance, is linked to the development of heart disease, while dairy is known to destroy bones, constipate, and cause cancer.

On the other hand, intake of fruits and vegetables - particularly raw fruits and vegetables - is the element science has correlated with long life and disease prevention more than any other factor medical science can bring to bear.

Low Fat Raw Vegan: A Beneficial Restraint?

Low Fat Raw Vegan Run

When you follow these three rules, a kind of beneficial dietary restriction takes place that stops you from making nutritional errors and keeps you on a good path.

Want to undereat on fruit and instead get your calories from salad? Because this diet is low in fat, there's no way you can get enough calories to sustain your weight unless you're taking in enough fruit because of the low fat requirement. Vegetables just don't have enough calories to make it work.

By excluding cooked foods, we also eliminate many foods that harm us because they are only edible or palatable in an uncooked state, such as all grains.

But Isn't This Diet Boring Or Miserable?

Although I started eating a raw diet to to cure my colitis, I now love it for the satisfaction and energy it gives me. I have no cravings or desires to eat other foods so long as I'm getting in enough calories from raw fruit.

And just because you're a low fat raw vegan doesn't mean you can't get creative with recipes. Some of the most amazing recipes I've ever had have been LFRV.

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Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet: Following Up

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