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Raw Mango Salsa Recipe

I've been feasting on this raw mango salsa recipe for awhile now, and I just can't get enough of it. There are enough ways to make and serve it that it doesn't seem to get old. Try serving it in a wrap of romaine lettuce leaves for a burrito-like dish, for instance.

You can try tossing in some corn or adding some cilantro and you've got an entirely different taste. Preparation is just washing your produce and chopping everything up, so it shouldn't take all that long.

I've made this dish a few times as an example to non raw foodists who want to try a raw meal. They may balk at eating six bananas for dinner, but this seems to be in their comfort zone, and delicious to boot. In such cases, I serve it like a burrito, with the romaine leaves acting as a wrap around the salsa.

Usually when I'm eating it myself I just throw it on top of some salad greens, mix it all up, and enjoy. It's just a  quicker way of eating it, really. I'm sure creative eaters can think of other applications as well.

Raw Mango Salsa Recipe: The Finished Product

Raw Mango Salsa Recipe One

Raw Mango Salsa Recipe: Ingredients

  • Three Large Champagne Mangos or Another Variety
  • Two Large Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers
  • 3/4 lb to One lb of Tomatoes (Plum, Cherry, or Regular Are All Fine)
  • Three to Five Large or Six to Eight Small Celery stalks
  • *Optional* Two to Three Cobs of Very Freshly Picked Corn
  • *Optional* Cilantro or Another Herb of Your Choice
  • *Optional* Something to Serve it Over Such as Romaine Lettuce for "Burritos" or Green Leaf Mix for a Salad.

Raw Mango Salsa Recipe: Directions

Making this dish is very easy. Simply finely chop all the ingrediants, throw them in a bowl, and mix throughly. Let the juices mix together for 15 minutes, mix again, and then eat it straight or serve it in some other fashion. This quantity of food will serve one hungry  raw foodist, two average raw foodists, or maybe 6-8 SAD eaters using it as a side salad.

A Note On Corn

Corn is an ocassional indulgence for me becuase it's not the easiest thing for the body to handle, and it's so hard to get fresh. Within hours of being picked, corn's sugar content has been significantly converted into starch, which isn't ideal for digestion. I only buy it during the summer months when I can get it fresh from the farm where it's been picked.

In the example of this recipe, it tastes good, but I honestly think the flavor of the overall recipe is stronger without it.

Raw Mango Salsa Two
Here's a bowl of the salsa, which is made with corn in this  example.
Raw Mango Salsa Recipe Three
I've scooped that same salsa into romaine leaves for a burrito-like dish.
Raw Mango Salsa Recipe Four
Here is the salsa over shredded lettuce.
Raw Mango Salsa Recipe Six
I remade the dish without the corn.
Raw Mango Salsa Recipe Six
Here's the mango salsa recipe without the corn, and  atop a mix of salad greens from my garden.

And One Final Look At The Finished Product:

Raw Mango Salsa Recipe Seven

Raw Mango Salsa Recipe: Following Up

Read about a healthy raw food diet here.

Find other great dishes like this raw mango salsa recipe.

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