Natural Deodorant

If you're looking for a natural deodorant, your best bet is to route the smells out at the source.

In my youth I smeared bars of deodorants and gels under my arms, convinced by the slew of commercials that body odor was a natural thing for a guy to have.

In the intervening years I've learned we are what we eat in so many ways, one of which is our scent.

Everyone has a natural scent that's slightly different than anyone else's, but in the vast majority of the population it's masked by the reek that emanates from our sweat.

Foul Odors Come From Foul Foods

You've probably seen, and most definitely smelled road kill at some point. An animal wanders out onto the road and gets run over by a car, only to rot there for a few days before the city comes and picks it up. The decomposing flesh lies out on the pavement, baked by the sun and filling the surrounding air with a fetid stench.

Now imagine putting that flesh though your own digestive system. Over the course of days it slowly rolls though the dark, humid confines of your intestines.

Yep, it smells just as much or more inside of you as it does on the road.

Because animal protein is toxic to the human body you need to excrete it somehow, and sweat is one of the easiest ways.

After I became a cooked food vegan and stopped eating meat dairy and eggs, I noticed that I suddenly had a considerably reduced smell when I went on my morning runs.

After eliminating processed, cooked, and denatured food when I went raw, my body odor more or less disappeared completely within a month or two.

Exercise Without Need For Natural Deodorant

During the heat of the summer I head out for 20-mile runs at least once a week.

I pound the pavement for hours under the blazing sun, the sweat dripping off me, and yet I miraculously don't smell at all.

There's nothing special about this - there's no reason for a clean body to exude offensive odors. If your body is clean clean, your sweat will be clean.

Overt Fats And Superfoods May Cause Body Odor

I've noticed a slight return of body odor when exercising on the mornings following the consumption of overt fats like avocados or nuts.

I don't have a good explanation for this, but as I don't eat overt fats regularly, I don't worry about it too much.

None the less, it's probably another good reason why you should keep your overall fat consumption below 10 percent of calories.

If you're consuming unhealthy things like raw vinegars, chocolates, salt, oils and superfoods, you're giving your body more of a load to eliminate, and you're exasperating your BO problem. A raw food diet is not a natural deodorant by itself- it has to be a clean one.

Following Up:

Watch the accompanying video here.

The best natural deodorant is a low-fat raw food diet. Start one today and reap the benefits.

You'll also want to improve your lifestyle.

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