Normal eating - What is it? Can a hamburger truly be a normal meal? How about 15 bananas?

Returning tired and hungry from an 18-mile run the other day,  I stopped at my car to pick up lunch - 18 bananas - before plopping myself down on a shady hillside in a park to devour them. While I was munching away a group came up to me to see what in God's name I was up to.

One of them was a grouchy old man, who informed me in no uncertain terms, "that's not normal!" with disgust evident in his voice. "You shouldn't be doing that," he told me.

Now, had he merely wanted to inform me of the uniqueness of my eating habits I wouldn't have minded, but he essentially was telling me what I was doing was so radically different than what he was used to that it made him uncomfortable. Such is the curse of new things - they makes us question ourselves, which is rarely entirely comfortable.

"That so few now dare be eccentric marks the chief danger of our time."
- John Stuart Mill

Normal Eating - Normal Is As Normal Does

Sure, very few people eat like me, but I can consider my raw food meals to be normal eating because I compare them not just to humanity's norm, but the norms of all the living creatures of the earth. 

Look at our closest genetic relatives and the likely contenders for the second and third smartest animals after ourselves  - the bonobos and the chimps. Their diet is composed primarily of large volumes or raw fruits and vegetables.  Elsewhere in the animal kingdom, creatures eat volumes of food that put even them to shame.

The ultra low volume, high calorie diets humans now consume were only made possible by the advent of civilization and intensive agriculture 10,000 years ago. The hunter gatherers that preceded them ate high-volume diets closer to the bonobos and the chimps.

It's clear man's current eating habits are an aberration and our health suffers for it, as evidenced by our many diseases.

Normal Eating - Poking You In The Eye

Realizing what a fantastic catalyst for growth the mere sight of me eating what must seem an absurd quantities of food is, I've decided to start a new series of videos giving a glimpse of my everyday meals.

Normal Eating - Following Up

Learn how normal eating relates to a healthy raw food diet.

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