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Online Advertising At Raw-Food-Health.net

What's the deal with online advertising at raw-food-health.net?

The site has grown bigger and better each month since I started it in early 2008, and all signs point to continued improvement.

I'm committed to providing my growing readership with free information that can dramatically improve their lives, but with the continued growth I'm looking to point out great opportunities they may want to take part in.

Doing so, I've found, is like walking a tightrope. I don't want to display ads for the many raw food products that are harmful - people come here for the straight truth I'm known giving out liberally, and I won't risk that for the sake of money - but I also don't want to be so strict that I completely shut down all advertiser initiative.

So on this page I hope to explain some important information that you might like to know, whether you're a reader or an advertiser looking to send a message to my site visitors.

Click here if you are a site visitor.

Click here if you are an advertiser.

Thanks for visiting,

- Andrew Perlot

Online Advertising Policies For Site Visitors

Dear reader,

First, thanks for visiting. I've made this site for people like you, and I hope the information here can improve your life dramatically.

Here's how advertising works on the site.

Raw-Food-Health.net accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

However, I do not allow advertising I feel conflicts with this site's goal of spreading health. Supplements and superfoods, for instance, are not something I intend to advertise.

3rd Party Advertisers

I'm currently in the process of eliminating numerous 3rd-party advertisments from this site - namely those provided by google and infolinks - because I feel do not live up to the standards I'm trying to adhere to. As the older formatting of pages is being updated I'm gradually replacing these.

I also have affiliate advertisers and sponsors that include, but are not limited to:

  • Amazon
  • Vita-Mix
When you click on a text link and buy something from these companies, raw-food-health.net generally gets a small commission to help support the site. None of these companies pays us in any other way. Especially in the case of vitamix, I simply want to share a fantastic product with my readers.

Online Advertising Policies For Advertisers

Raw-Food-Health.net accepts online advertising in an effort to expand the site and provide even more free content to its visitors.

This page explains who our visitors are and what they're looking for as well as additional information about advertising on the site.

Our Site Visitors

Raw-Food-Health.net has a great audience.

Our demographic tends to be well educated, with visitors looking for information and products that will support them on their quest for better health.

Although they come from around the world, the majority are located in the United States.

All online advertising is subject to approval, but those who best cater to the needs of these visitors will have the most success. If your goal is to help them be the healthiest possible -mentally and physically -, you'll likely be approved.

About Raw-Food-Health.net

Raw-Food-Health.net went live in March 2008. Since then it's become one of the most popular raw food websites on the internet, with more than 27,000 visitors in November of 2010.

Site traffic continues to grow each month, which is a testament to the timeless, high-quality content found here.

Below you'll find the site's Alexa Ranking, which ranks the site vs all all other sites in the world.

Please view the sitemap for an up-to-date listing of all pages on the site.

The Best Types of Advertising

Ads which endorse the following will not be allowed on raw-food-health.net

  • Supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Intestinal Flushes
  • Raw Chocolate
  • Edible Oils
  • Animal-based products. 
  • Products related to cooking

Some Suggested Types of Advertising:

  • Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds
  • Health and Fitness Informational Products
  • Workout DVDs
  • Raw and Eco Retreats/Vacations
  • Fasting 
  • Permaculture and Organic Gardening Topics
  • Yoga, Rock Climbing, Running, Minimalist Running, Natural Fitness 
  • Kitchen Wares such as Knives, Blenders, and Spiralizers
  • Water distillers

Types of Online Advertising

In order to make your online advertising experience with Raw-Food-Health.net a smooth one, the following formats are available:

  • Full Banners: 468 x 60 pixels
  • Sky Scraper Banners 120 x 600 or 160 x 600 pixels
  • Button 120 x 120 pixels

You may choose from one of these options, or we can put together a package containing some combination of the above that suits your advertising budget and needs.

Online Advertising Examples:

Banners and Buttons

All banners and buttons are provided by the advertiser.

A Full Banner measures 468x60px. It is generally placed at the top of a page above the headline, which makes it the first thing a visitor will see.

Online Advertising Full Banner

A full Banner can also be placed at the bottom of the page below the content, which will make it the last thing a visitor sees before leaving the page.

468x60 Full Banners are available on individual pages or across categories.

Online Advertising Skyscrapper Banner

A Skyscraper Banner measures 120x600px or 160x600px and are placed along the top right hand side of a page.

Online Advertising ButtonA Button measures 120x120px and can be placed above or below the navigation bar -on the left hand side of the screen - dependent on your advertising budget and needs.

Online Advertising Pricing

  • Individual ad pricing currently begins at $20/month, with discounts for multiple ads.
  • Pricing is determined by the type of ad you choose, the page you want to run it on, location on the page (The top of the page is more expensive than the bottom of the page), and by its topic.
  • Payments are accepted via PayPal (credit cards accepted, no account needed). No checks accepted.
  • Invoicing is monthly, but discounts are offered for those buying 6 months or more at a time.
  • Either party can cancel the agreement with 30 days notice. 

Raw-Food-Health.net continuously gains in popularity each month. Because we value your continued advertising, advertisers who  renew advertising arrangements will be given the lowest possible price at renewal.  This price will always be more competitive than those prices offered to incoming advertisers (due to ever-increasing traffic and pricing).

Payment-In-Advance Discount

  • You can take advantage of best pricing by locking in the current rate
  • If you pay for 6 months up front, you'll get the 7th month for free. 
  • You'll receive an option to renew 30 days before the end of the 6-month term.

Terms and Conditions

  • In compliance with Google's website guidelines, all of the paid advertising on raw-food-health.net will include the the rel="nofollow" attribute in all links.
  • Raw-Food-Health.net has the right to decline any advertising deemed unsuitable for display.
  • All advertising is subject to availability.
  • No Ads on the homepage.

Privacy Policy

Your information will not be disclosed, sold, or exchanged to anyone or any organization.


To receive a formal advertising quote, please fill out the form below.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you.


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