How would you like to discover a new  way of living that will have you feeling 100% happier and healthier within a week?

Raw Food Lifestyle Cover ImageEver heard the saying you are what you eat? Sure it is a cliche but diet really does have  the power to radically change your life - for the better. But only if it is very carefully and scientifically managed.

This eBook The Raw Food Lifestyle has every piece of information you need to rid your mind of the toxic thoughts and habits that are making you feel depressed and lifeless. It replaces these toxins with a life affirming, joy creating raw strategy that will have you jumping out of your skin and loving life.

There is so much more a raw life than just eating raw stuff and this book covers it all.

Would you like...
  • A body that is disease and ache and pain free and ready to live to a ripe old age?
  • To leap out of bed in the morning, happy and charged up for what the day has in store?
  • Amazing mental clarity that lets you see everything clearly?
  • To sense your life improving every single day?
  • To feel focused and moving rapidly towards your life goals?
The Raw Food Lifestyle is the answer you have been searching for.

ShannonAlison Andrews of Loving-It-Raw.com: The Raw Food Lifestyle Ebook is an incredibly motivating and inspiring work...A book about becoming the best version of yourself in EVERY way. While reading this book I started to feel really excited. Excited to take some of these strategies and apply them to my own life. At different parts of the book I thought of various friends and family who would also gain much from reading it and made a note to recommend it.

Whether or not you currently eat, or want to eat, a raw diet, this book will have some amazing, profound insights for you, insights that lift you up and inspire while giving you a solid push in the right direction. 

Dear Happiness Seeker,

I want to openly and honestly tell you that before I discovered The Raw Food Lifestyle and radically changed my way of thinking my life was a total train wreck. I wasn’t a drug addict or a criminal but I was drifting through life lethargic and with zero motivation to do anything about it. One day came and went after another and I was lucky if I found anything to smile about never mind getting off my butt to change things for the better.

My life was dull, I was obese and I was starting to show signs of depression

Worse still I had feelings of worthlessness which made it even harder for me to believe I could ever be really happy and fulfilled.

I was stuck in a vicious cycle and I could see no way out.

If only I had known then what I know now! The body is linked to the mind and if you keep thinking negative self destructive thoughts you will keep feeling crap. I kick myself about all the years I lost feeling this way when help was so close at hand.

Then I read a book that mentioned living raw as a way of life, it appealed to everything I was at that stage in my life, not overly expensive, simple to prepare and promised an instant fix. So I experimented. As I did I started to notice that as I researched and experimented I was filled with energy and motivation to find out more about this amazing way of living.
I am sure you are thinking “Yeah sure, eating some raw stuff is suddenly going to make me a different person, with a different life!”.

Let me tell you I have spent many years perfecting The Raw Food Lifestyle and it is about so much more than that.

I understand your doubts, I had them too when I set out to make this lifestyle change. But let me just outline the benefits again.

-Almost instant lift in your mood, energy levels and motivation to get things really happening in your life.

Plus wait until you see the ridiculously low price I have put on all my hard work and the amazing guarantee I want to give you to get you motivated to give The Raw Food Lifestyle a try.

The decision to try The Raw Lifestyle and then dedicate my life to coming up with the perfect raw strategy is, without any doubt, the best choice I have ever made in my life.

Today I'm trim and healthy, I'm a successful journalist and I recently ran a marathon. But all that is not the best thing, the very best thing is that I wake up everyday feeling happy and positive.

I'm excited to be alive, and look forward to the future every day.

So What Do You Get In The Raw LifeStyle Ebook?

This book is divided into 4 critical parts. Each one is vital to getting your motor and your life running smoothly.

The Raw Food Lifestyle Part One
Out of the Doldrums

Some of the Key Points of Part One Include:
  • Why what we concentrate on determines our mood, and how we can use simple principles to escape depression forever.
  • Surefire methods to calm your mind so you can start looking at your situation realistically -that is, with hope.
  • Bringing laughter back into your life
  • Distracting yourself to happiness with passions.

Whether you're depressed or merely looking to grow, an understanding of the proper use of our minds and bodies is critical.

Are you tired of the worthless recommendations of of the drug-happy medical industry?

This section outlines the dead-end routes of most psychoanalytical and medical approaches to depression, and the science that's emerged over the last few decades showing us a better way.

No matter what your circumstances, you can break free of your lowest low by applying these tips. These are the principles I used to escape depression and get moving in the right direction.

The Raw Food Lifestyle Part Two
The Raw Mind

Some of the Key Points of Part Two Include:
  • How to identify areas of your life that could be drastically improved by a belief change.
  • Why constantly striving for self-betterment is the only sustainable path to happiness and fulfillment.
  • Dealing with friends, loved ones, and a society that's not aligned with living a healthy life.
  • What to do if you just can't get passionate or motivated about your goals.
  • Taking a television fast, and how controlling the stories you listen to will drastically alter your reality.
  • How society controls us, and how we can break free.
  • Finding meaning in life.

No matter how wealthy, good looking, and outwardly successful you may seem, if you haven't learned to control your mind you're at the mercy of outside forces.

You're unlikely to find long term success on a raw food diet without changing the way you view the world.

So tell me: are you responsible for everything that happens to you, good or bad?

Most people will quickly say no, but I've dramatically improved my life by changing that answer to yes, and accepting responsibility and control of every aspect of my life.

The Raw Food Lifestyle Part Three
The Body

Some of the Key Points of Part Three Include:

  • Why most healthy raw foodists have a lower-than-normal body temperature, and what the implications are.
  • Can we be healthy on a raw diet but with little exercise?
  • Why the common sleep recommendations are all wrong, and some suggestions for recharging your batteries.

Although its cliched, your body really is the temple you live in, and how well you look after it will determine the quality of your life for decades to come. Yet when it comes to our bodies, the world is a morass of contradictions.

Especially when the advice concerns food.

Hide from the sun to save yourself from cancer, we are told. Exercise is good, but it should be done in sterile, boring environments like monotonous oval tracks and on weight machines. Fruits and vegetables are the best foods, but god forbid we eat "too many of them".

In this section I tackle many of the common raw foodist concerns when it comes to our physical existence. And explain in logical steps how it relates to how you feel on a daily basis.

The Raw Food Lifestyle Part Four
The Other Needs

Some of the Key Points of Part Four Include:
  • Does the sun really give us cancer? I cover how much we need, and how to get enough if you're living in a cold climate.
  • Connecting to the wider health-conscious community.
  • The wonders of touch.
  • Can a raw food diet work outside of the tropics? What to consider if you're thinking about a move

The way we've set up civilization does not make meeting our needs the easiest of tasks, but with planning and commitment we can make things work. These needs are "outside" of ourselves, and we generally have to make more of an effort to ensure we're meeting them. 

In this section I discuss how these principles tie in with the raw food lifestyle.

Fitting Everything Together And Creating A Raw Life That Works For You
I finish up the book with guide to help you take these abstract ideas and actually apply them in a meaningful way to your life.

These ideas are not for everyone. They do take dedication and persistence but then if they are not qualities you feel you have right now then this book is exactly what you  need. Once you start and the changes in your mood start to take place YOU WILL find the strength and motivation to create the life you dream of.

I'm very confident that if you put these ideas into practice your life will take off like never before.

Which begs the questions...

How Much Is This Going to Cost?

I am not about getting rich from this book. Even though I put many years of my life into the research and writing of this eBook I do not want to put a huge price tag on it - I just want to help people live raw and be happy.

The 107 (A4, letter-sized) page Raw Food Lifestyle ebook costs $19.99. 

I'm so confident that you'll think it well worth the money that I'm selling it with a 100%  money-back guarantee - I think you will agree that this guarantee proves how much faith I have in my lifestyle strategy.

The Raw Happiness Guarantee

Someone much smarter than me once said that most people live their lives completely engrossed in the pursuit of happiness. If that is the measure of a life then this book is guaranteed to make sure your life is worthwhile, plus it will give you the motivation and energy to really make a difference in the world.

I am so sure this is the case that I want to offer you a guarantee. Right now, before you start reading this book I want you to rank your happiness, motivation and energy out of 10. Then download and read the book, start applying the principles and every week rerate the three elements.

If in 21 days all three of these critical factors in your life have not skyrocketed by at least 5 points - simply fill in the feedback form I will mail you and I will return your full purchase price.

In other words, this book will make you happy or your money back.

Ready to order? Don’t waste another day feeling listless, unmotivated and unhappy when the answer to all your problems is right here.

ShannonShannon of Rawdorable.com: You definitely have to check out Andrew's e-book. I have to admit that I was really stressed out last week...At first I thought reading his book would be just one more task on my to do list, but it turned out to be so much more. I became more relaxed, had fun reading the book and tackled the rest of my list with ease. ...It will have you conquering your own anxieties and putting things in the right perspective.

JustinJustin Lelia of Miami, Florida: Andrew Perlot is the most talented writer I know and a brilliant health enthusiast. In The Raw Food Lifestyle, he expresses timeless philosophy using juicy facts, relevant anecdotes, and a colorful unpretentious writing style that made it a joy to read!  I learned more than a few new words, reinforced certain areas of my lifestyle, and have become inspired to thrive more and to strive better. I will continue to recommend Andrew's book to anyone looking to succeed in our complicated world. Thank you Andrew for a fascinating read and an important self-help book.   

Great price - no risk guarantee - what have you got to lose?

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