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The Vibrance raw food magazine sets a rare example of healthy living, good food, environmental stewardship, and inspiration that's unique among magazines.

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Most health publications are a joke. They've got pages are full of ads for drugs and supplements, and their articles are rarely anything more than the extensions of those ads, talking about which superfood is the next big thing and the whatever unhealthy diet craze is currently in the fore. Several raw food magazines are little better, hawking super foods and supplements you don't need.

Rarely does a raw food magazine, or any other publication, take a stand for its principles and sacrifice ad revenue for the sake of truth.

Vibrance is one of those few.

Raw Food Magzine Topics

Raw Food Magazine Issue TwoWhen I receive my biannual issue of Vibrance, I know I'll be in for a treat. I've simply never seen a better mix of topics, or a truer adherence to the principles of health.

For example, one of the best articles I've seen anywhere on the topic of the intersection between what we eat and the environment is in Vibrance issue #1, "A Global Vision," by Jim Sloman.

The loss of biodiversity, topsoil and the poisoning of our soil due to meat and grain production may seem irreversible, but Sloman presents the hopeful example of  Tikopia, and island which gave up its meat and grains to concentrate on fruit-bearing trees. Their environment, as well as the entire population of their small island, was saved by the move.

Some of the best articles are the inspiring interviews with successful raw foodists across the world. One recent example is Pam Boteler, a professional sprint canoe racer who eats a healty low fat diet based around raw fruits and vegetables. At 40 years old, Boteler could pass for someone in their late 20s.

If you want information about living a healthy lifestyle in accordance with nature's laws, and inspiration to keep you on track, you won't find a better publication. 

The Publisher And Contributors

Raw Food Magazine Pear PickThe Vibrance raw food magazine is published by David Klein, who is also the author of the excellent, "Self Healing Colitis and Crohns." His dedication is what ensures  the magazine remains pure its stated conviction to be: " The only health magazine which dares to teach the whole truth about human health."

The contributing authors list reads like a who's who of natural hygiene and intelligent health care circles.

From Dr. Douglas Graham, a raw food diet specialist and athletic trainer, to Don Weaver, a specialist in environmental issues, and Rozalind A. Graham, who writes about raising raw children as well as other health issues, these guys have a huge amount of knowledge that makes every issue great.

It's Electronic? Is it New?

The Vibrance raw food magazine isn't really new. Klein published a print edition, called Living Nutrition Magazine, from 1996 - 2008. In 2008 he switched to a digital format and changed the name to cut down on printing costs and reduce the magazine's environmental impact.

The issues, which are published twice a year, are accessible online to subscribers. They can also be printed out, saved to your hardrive for future viewing, or uploaded to most e-ink readers like the Amazon Kindle or the Sony Reader  for portable, comfortable electronic viewing.

Should You Bother With The Vibrance Raw Food Magazine?

Raw Food Magazine Cover OneShould you bother to read an online magazine? Will it be worth your time?

Though I originally balked when the print product was discontinued, I've learned to enjoy the online version, and realize that there are some advantages to it.As I travel around I can now view my copies from anywhere, and I don't have a bulky physical copy collecting dust in my space.

But the key is what reading issues of Vibrance does for you.

Inspiration is one of the key components to living a healthy lifestyle. It's all too easy, living in a world of sick people, to lose sight of what you want, and why you're choosing to be different. By getting regular doses of high-quality, enlightening articles such as those presented in Vibrance, your goals will become clearer, and you'll be steadied on your course.

I cannot recommend the magazine highly enough.

Order the Vibrance raw food magazine today.

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