Why Raw Food Semen Tastes Better

Sexual fluids like semen and vaginal lubricants vary in smell and flavor depending on what you eat, and raw foodists have often noted that their sexual fluids seem to be a lot less offensive than those of omnivores.

But is there any science to support this observation? Why should fruit eaters smell and taste better?

I answer Melissa's question below.


Melissa's Question:

Hi Andrew.

I putting in a fake name and location, because I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this question, but I'm really curious.

So I recently started dating a raw foodist. He's the first raw foodist I've ever dated.

I noticed that his semen tastes a lot sweeter than any other guy I've dated, and it's actually kind of enjoyable. Normally I don't like the taste. The smell is a lot better too.

Previously I've dated meat eaters and one vegetarian. The vegetarian tasted better than the meat eaters, but not as good as my current boyfriend.

My boyfriend says that I also taste better than other women during oral sex.

So I'm wondering why raw foodist have better tasting sexual fluids.

Any idea?

Andrew's Answer:


Hi imposter Melissa.

No problem about the subterfuge. Lots of people have actually asked me this question over the years, and I've periodically looked into it.

We don't have a ton of solid science to go on here, because no one has really studied the topic in depth. There's no "big raw semen" conglomerate to fund these studies, you know?

However, there are a few obvious possibilities for why food affects sexual fluid taste.

The Smell Of Sexual Fluids


Raw Food Sexual FluidFor one, we know that body odor changes dramatically depending on what you eat.

When women smell the collected underarm sweat of men who are vegetarian, they rate it much higher in terms of attractiveness, pleasantness, and intensity compared to meat eaters. The masculinity of the scent is not rated as changed at all (1).

If the foods we eat are powerful enough to exude an unpleasant stench from our pores and armpits, then they are likely powerful enough to alter the taste of our flesh and bodily fluids.

My own personal observation is that I've had only minimal body odor since switching to a raw food diet. The exceptions are when I eat lots of overt fats, durian, spices, and any member of the allium family.

Women have commented that I "taste" better as well, but lets not go into too much detail there :)

The Sweetness Of Sexual Fluids:

When it comes to semen, the two big factors that are going to alter taste are the level of sweetness and the level of bitterness.

The sweetness is provided by fructose (slightly sweeter than table sugar), which is present as a fuel supply for the sperm. There are 2-5mg of fructose per ml of seminal fluid (2). The more healthy and fertile a person is, the greater the fructose content. In fact, you actually become infertile when you have no fructose in your semen (3).

Someone on a low fat raw vegan diet would have tons of fructose coming in, which, it may be assumed, would allow the body to put more of it into semen.

The Bitterness Of Sexual Fluids:


Raw Food Sexual Fluids Apple


No matter how sweet semen may be, it's unlikely to taste palatable if the sweetness is masked by bitterness.

The main source of bitterness in sperm is uric acid content.

Although I'm aware of no intervention studies that have been done connecting dietary changes with sperm uric acid content, it's clear that those who eschew animal products will have less of it in their bodies, and so probably have less of it in their semen.

Meat consumption is connected with higher levels of uric acid in the blood (4), and vegetarians are noted as having lower levels of it (5).

There appears to be a correlation between blood uric acid levels and the amount of uric acid present in semen (6), so it's probable that eschewing animal foods will reduce the bitterness of someone's semen.


Rounding Out The Flavor:


A wide variety of plant foods have been associated changing human body odor and bodily fluid taste.

Anecdotally, Fenugreek seeds makes people smell and taste like maple syrup. A mixture of compounds from pineapple, called Bromelain, apparently make semen taste like pineapple.

Meat, eggs, dairy, and coffee would probably be the non-raw foods that would affect taste the most. Garlic, asparagus, onions, broccoli, and a few other raw foods may negatively effect taste as well.

It's likely that thousands of different elements in plant foods may be altering the taste of your boyfriend's semen.


Female Fluids:


The main fluids females produce during oral sex are lubricants. Plasma seepage from the vaginal walls is caused by vascular engorgement, and the Bartholin glands secrete a mucus.

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I haven't really found much to indicate why these secretions taste less "fishy" when a woman is eating a raw food diet (other than something obvious like a lingering bacterial infection), but that's anecdotally the case, and my observation.

But I don't see why the same things that would affect male fluids wouldn't be in play here as well.

It's also likely that hormonal balance and where women are in their cycle plays a role in the taste.



The anecdotes are legion enough that we can be sure there's indeed a connection between a healthy raw food diet and improved sexual fluid taste.

Chalk it up as yet another benefit of eating a raw food diet.

In terms of the available science, though, it would seem like the biggest improvements would come about from avoiding animal foods.



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