Thriving During A Raw Food Thanksgiving

Committing to a raw food Thanksgiving when the rest of the world seems dead set on turkey and potatoes can seem daunting at first, but if you know what you're doing, it can be a great experience.

Your ability to enjoy the holiday largely depends on how well prepared you are, and I've got some tips to help you get ready.

A Hungry Raw Food Thanksgiving Is Not A Happy One

Do you doubt your ability to resist cooked food thanksgiving comfort foods when they're right in front of you?

The same elements that cause the majority of new raw foodists to fall off the wagon apply twice as much on Thanksgiving, with so many temptations and social pressures abounding.

So what do do you need to do?

Raw Food Thanksgiving Turkey

Eat lots of healthy fruit before and during social gatherings.

When you're not taking in enough sugar from fruit, you'll start craving all sorts of unhealthy foods. Most new raw foodists undereat on fruit, and consequently are constantly cravings cooked foods.

What's a healthy amount of fruit to eat? Eight persimmons, 10 bananas, 4 pounds of grapes, a nice date smoothie, or some blended raw apple sauce should do the trick of keeping your cravings at bay for a few hours. It will also ensure that your mood is brighter and more stable.

When I've got enough fruit in me, the old cooked foods I used to look forward to don't seem particularly tempting anymore. They're just lumps of singed goop that happen to have good smells attached to them.

To be prepared, make sure you bring plenty of fruit with you, including enough to share with anyone else who may want some.

A Raw Food Thanksgiving Is Your Time To Shine

Don't go into your social gatherings on the defensive. Remember, what you're doing is brave, interesting, and joyful, so show it.

Be happy, have a smile on your face, and don't get dragged into arguments about the morality of killing turkeys.

You don't need anyone's approval, so just be yourself.

After years of raw food holidays, my family is pretty used to my eating habits, and typically enjoys sampling my recipes.

Raw Food Thanksgiving Recipes To Die For

I'm a pretty simple guy when it comes to my food - give me enough fruit and a nice salad with a good dressing and I'm all set.

Raw Food Thanksgiving
                        Persimmon PieBut if there was ever a day to show off in the kitchen, it's Thanksgiving.

Make something that not only delights you, but also entices everyone else at your social event.

Personally, my signature raw Thanksgiving and Christmas dish is my RawPersimmon-Date-Banana Pie, which is to die for.

It's pretty hard to feel deprived after eating one of these pies, but it's completely healthy and free of salt, toxins, and other undesirable elements.

My second course typically changes from year to year. Some years buy an entire box of zucchini squash (Italian Squash) to spiralize into a massive raw pasta dish. I'm talking about a huge, gut-busting feast here.

I usually prepare several sauces to go with this dish, such as my raw Italian Tomato Sauce Recipe from Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces.

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Your Raw Food Thanksgiving: Indulge A Little

It simply doesn't make sense to eat a high-fat diet, but if there was ever a time to indulge, it would be Thanksgiving.

I often eat more calories than I strictly need during the holiday, and my fat often inches past the 10 percent of calories mark, but that's ok. Your fat percentage really only matters when averaged out over the course of months. A single day doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of health.

Thanksgiving should be a time of feasting and enjoyment, so don't worry too much if you're eating a bit too much fat.

Raw Food Thanksgiving: Following Up

Learn what a healthy raw food diet looks like.

Figure out what foods to exclude from your raw food thanksgiving recipes.

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