Raw Food Diet Recipes

These raw food recipes are all part of a Healthy Raw Food Diet, and among the best I've come across. They contain no harmful spices like salt or pepper, no animal products, and most of the recipes are low in fat.

Fat intake in a healthy diet is kept below 10 percent of calories from fat, as intakes above this amount will impair nutrient and sugar absorption as well as oxygen uptake.

Raw Food Diet Recipes Meal

Many of these recipes can be prepared with nothing more than a knife, but a number contain an additional element like a blender, food processor, or spiralizer.

You may want more info about ingredients and how raw food recipes combine in the stomach.

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Raw Entrees:

Raw Soup Recipes:

Smoothie and Shake Recipes:

Want A Healthy But Tasty Raw Salad?

Index Savory Raw Dressings Cover
Sinfully delicious raw dressings can spice up your salad every night of the week. Don't worry, they're also low fat and incredibly healthy.

Find out how to create amazing salad dressings and sauces from scratch.

Check out Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces!

Salad Recipes:

Raw Salad Dressing Recipes:

Fruit Concoctions:



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