Read Inspiring Raw Food Success Stories

Everyone loves inspiring raw food success stories, especially when you're first starting off.

Overcoming cancer, shedding extra weight, finding new energy, and achieving amazing athletic successes all seem more attainable when you know someone else has blazed the path.

There are so many naysayers out there that it can sometimes be hard to see the light through their negativity. Go on most raw forums and they'll tell you that a low fat vegan diet based around fruit is impossible.

They'll rant about hybridized fruit and why high fat is fantastic. Next they'll tell you you'll have cravings and man, why can't you just chill and guzzle some raw chocolate like everyone else?

Listed here are raw foodists who have bucked the processed, high fat raw trend and found true health through their vital diets and lifestyles.

I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

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Successful Raw Foodists:

Escaping Diseases And Losing Weight

Building Muscle

  • Sam Spaiser: Went from skinny to jacked eating fruits and vegetables.

Raw Food Educators

Raw Athletes

Building A Raw Food World

Following Up:

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