Raw Spaghetti Recipe

This raw spaghetti recipe comes to us courtesy of Sarah over at Going Bananas. She calls it her anti pasta.

You'll need a good spiralizer to get the right effect, but I've tried it with knife-sliced zucchini and it works that way too.

Both sauce varieties are great.

The below text is Sarah's with slight alterations and my own notes section.

Ingredients For Noodles and Sauce:

Noodles:Zucchini, spiralized

Regular Sauce:
1 pint fresh cherry/plum tomatoes
1 ripe small to medium ataulfo mango
Fresh basil to taste
Diced yellow bell pepper to taste.

Sweet and Sour Sauce:
2 ripe mangoes
1 medium handful of plum/cherry tomatoes.
Fresh basil to taste.
Optional - diced red bell pepper to go on top.

Directions for Noodles and Sauces:

Regular Sauce:Blend everything but bell pepper. Pour sauce onto noodles. Sprinkle diced yellow bell pepper on top.

The mango gives this a lot of flavor and creaminess. You can also use OJ, it tastes fairly good but you will have to watch not to over blend or it will be watery.

Sweet and Sour Sauce:Gently pulse/blend everything but the pepper (optional) until creamy and slightly chunky. Do not over blend.

I love this sauce because the mangoes make it so smooth, sweet and creamy, yet you still have a hint of tomato for tartness.


Sarah notes that the tomatoes can get frothy if not blended properly. Pulse will work well here. Having a decent blender like a Vita Mix can help to make good raw spaghetti sauce. will help too.

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