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Reversing Diabetes: No Drugs, No Insulin, Just Common Sense

Reversing Diabetes with a low-fat diet is a surprisingly straightforward process that anyone can follow.

Although the medical community has been slow to embrace it, study after study has shown that people can cure themselves of type two diabetes by changing what they put in their mouth.

Type 1 diabetics, while they will benefit from a low-fat raw vegan diet, cannot reverse their disease.

If you listen to your doctor, you'll be put on medication and/or insulin when your blood sugar levels climb too high and you meet other critetia. You'll probably stay on these for the rest of your life if you don't change your diet and lifestyle because drugs are not a cure for diabetes.

Only your body can heal itself, but it will only do so when you stop bombarding it with unhealthly foods.

In this article I'll explain why you should consider reversing diabetes through dietary changes, and how to go about doing it.

Reversing Diabetes: What's Wrong With The Status Quo

Reversing Diabetes InjectionThe primary reason to ditch insulin and drugs is because they don't work.

Millions of people in the western world have been injecting themselves full of insulin and taking medications for about a century without reversing diabetes.

The treatments suggested by the medical industry, including the American Diabetes Association, have a long and well-studied history of failure to do anything but maintain the status quo, perhaps because it is such an immensely profitable status quo, with billions of dollars on the line.

The fact is that a lack of insulin and drugs did not cause type two diabetes to appear in any patients, and so forcing them to take these will not get rid of the disease. Only by removing the cause will the symptoms disappear, which we'll get into later.

But besides that fact that drugs utterly fail to cure diabetes, they also worsen the health of patients.

The situation has gotten so bad that medical authorities are speaking out. In 2010, the medical journal Lancet lambasted medical professionals for their obsession with controlling blood sugar with medication while ignoring the fact that patients can prevent or reverse the majority of diabetes cases with diet and lifestyle changes.

The journal's editors called it a, "public health humiliation," that diabetes, a preventable disease, has been allowed to become an epidemic. Of the diabetes research presented at the 2010 American Diabetes Association national meeting, the editors said, "…there is a glaring absence: no research on lifestyle interventions to prevent or reverse diabetes. In this respect, medicine might be winning the battle of glucose control, but is losing the war against diabetes (1).”

Reversing Diabetes: How Diabetes Treatments Will Kill You

Beginning in 1972, the Physicians Desk Reference, a standard reference book for doctors, has carried the following warning for every diabetes pill in heavy black print: “Special Warning on Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Mortality.”

That these diabetes medications wreak havoc on your body is well known.

In fact, major studies have pointed out that patients undergoing aggressive drug and insulin treatment regimes have higher cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood pressure levels as well as more weight gain, chance of stroke, chance of heart disease, and are more likely to die of all other causes compared to patients receiving less aggressive diabetes treatment (2-8).

What's better than, "less aggressive treatment"? Taking no drugs or insulin because the disease has disappeared from your body.

To do that, you have to understand what causes type two diabetes in the first place so you can reverse the disease.

Reversing Diabetes: The Real Cause Of Diabetes

Reversing Diabetes Fruit

It's well known that our fatty diets of meat, eggs, dairy, oils, and processed foods bring about type 2 diabetes (9-11).

This is not new information. As far back as 1927, Dr. E.P. Joslin, founder of the famous Joslin Diabetes Center, suggested that the high-fat diets of his patients were not only causing their diabetes, but also the heart disease they frequently died of (12).

When we eat high-fat diets, fat coats our blood-vessel walls, insulin receptor sites, and our insulin and sugar molecules, slowing the rapid exit of sugar from the blood stream to a crawl. The end result is high blood sugar. Over time, this often results in diabetes, although other complications can arise.

For a better understanding of exactly how fat leads to higher blood sugar levels, check out this article.

Reversing Diabetes: As Simple As Going Low Fat

Numerous studies have shown the most effective way to go about reversing diabetes and lowering blood sugar levels is to eat a low-fat vegan diet, with no more than 10 percent of calories coming from fat.

It's virtually impossible to eat a low-fat diet while consuming animal products in any significant quantity, so it make sense to cut them out. Oils and other fatty processed foods are also excluded.

One recent study looking at this diet showed that type 2 diabetes patients were able to drop their fasting serum glucose concentration 28% compared with 12% for a control group following the dietary guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. The vegan group also lost more weight and lowered their cholesterol by a greater degree (13).

These blood sugar drops are so impressive that patients are usually able to discontinue medications and insulin injections within weeks.

A similar trial studying the ability of a low-fat near-vegetarian diet's (very small quantities of meat were allowed) ability to reverse diabetes in combination with exercise showed similarly impressive gains. After only 26 days patients largely ditched their medications. In all, 21 of 23 patients on oral medications and 13 of 17 patients on insulin were able to get off of their medications (14).

For all intents and purposes they had reversed diabetes, in some cases ending decades-long dependency on medication and insulin.

You can do the same.

Reversing Diabetes: How To Do It

Reversing Diabetes Apple GirlAlthough there have been no studies looking at a low-fat raw food diet's ability to reverse diabetes, my own personal experience is that it's even more effective than low-fat cooked vegan diets.

Although I am barred by law from ever treating anyone for a disease because I am not a doctor, through my raw food coaching service I've helped three diabetics in fairly good health get on a sustainable raw food diet.

Each told me within a week and a half that they were off their insulin because they didn't need it to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Considering that most type 2 diabetics stay diabetic for life, I'd say that's a pretty rapid turn around.

Of course, all cases are unique, and those in poorer health may require more time for their bodies to normalize.

There are hundreds of pages of resources on this site explaining how to adopt a low-fat raw diet, if you'd like to make the change yourself.

In short, though, you need to get most of your calories from fruit, while also eating plenty of vegetables.  Avoid overt fats (foods that are obviously fatty), like nuts, seeds, and avocados, while you're reversing your diabetes. This will mean that your fat levels comes in at under 10 percent of calories consumed.

When you stabilize your condition you can bring healthy, unprocessed overt fats back into your diet in small quantities.

Learn more about starting a healthy raw food diet here, which will improve your life in so many ways.

A natural cure for diabetes is right in front of your nose. Get at it.

Reversing Diabetes: Following Up

Read how reversing diabetes with a low-fat diet will also allow the body to heal other diseases many people suffer from.

Learn which raw foods are good to eat here.

Get delicious, low-fat salad dressings and sauces that will help you find success on a raw food diet. Check out Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces.

Reversing Diabetes: Sources

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14) Barnard RJ, Lattimore L, Holly RG, Cherny S, Pritikin N. Response of non-insulindependent diabetic patients to an intensive program of diet and exercise. Diabetes Care. 1982;5(4):370-4


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