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Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality Gets Less Badass On Tuesday
May 03, 2012

Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality Gets Less Badass On Tuesday

Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality 3D Cover


First off, thanks for making my Tuesday this week.

The launch of Raw Food Weight Launch And Vitality went great.

The first 100 copies and the fast-action bonuses that went with them were gone within 24 hours.

I'm already hearing lots of great things from readers, and people have emailed me to tell me that they've already started eating raw.

Emílie Novotná had this to say about the book:

"The book is amazing, by the way. So well structured, packed with information (300 pages! must have taken forever to put together), the life experience and research are literally oozing from it...I love your website but this piece of work takes the info into a totally different dimension. Wonderful, life changing read. And all in one. :)"

If anyone else has feedback, I'd love to hear it at

RFWL&V took me six months to write. It's the culmination of lots of research, the seven and a half years of experience since my first raw food trial healed my colitis, and the work I've done with many coaching clients which has taught me what works when it comes to helping people adopt raw food diets.

I'm proud of it, I think the information in it can change lives, and I'd love to hear how it's helping you.

The Launch Special Comes To An End Tuesday

Since the first 100 copies sold and the fast-action bonuses ran out, I've gotten a bunch of emails from people saying:

"I just made a purchase . . . did *I* get one of the bonuses?" And I had to say no. Which made me feel mildly bad.

But, being the benevolent dictator of that I am, I've decided to extend the bonus offer.

So everyone who purchases the book until the end of the launch special on Tuesday will still receive a copy of The Raw Food Lifestyle, the companion volume to Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality which explores the many facets of life outside of diet which so drastically affect our health and happiness on this planet.

Check Out Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality

If you want to buy the book immediately you can use the buttons below, or you can read more about it here.

Raw Food weight Loss Order Scribble

Raw Food Weight Loss Small cover

$19.00 - Ebook Edition Raw Food weight Loss Order Link Instant DownloadFull book in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats, which can be viewed on most computers, tablets, e-readers, phones, and electronic devices.Including: PC, MAC, Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, ILiad, Sony Reader, Kobo E-Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, Most Blackberry phones, and many others. $29.00 - Print Edition Raw Food Weight Loss Order Link Shipped Directly To YouThe printed version of Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality consists of a 316 page 8" x 10" softcover book. The interior is black and white.Books generally ship within 48 hours. Shipping rates and times vary depending on destination country.

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Get your copy or Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality Here.

-Andrew Perlot

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