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Raw-Food-Health.Net: Why You Might Not Be Hungry When All You Want To Do Is Eat
May 15, 2012

Why You Might Not Be Hungry When All You Want To Do Is Eat

Food Addiction Peach

Would you scoff if I told you many of the processed foods the average person consumes are addictive in the same way that cocaine is addictive?

It sounds a bit preposterous until you start looking at the science, which shows that junk food changes brain chemistry and causes withdrawal symptoms just like pharmaceutical and recreational drugs.

Those withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and often confused with hunger, and to bury them we start eating.

There are, of course, many reasons why people overeat, such as emotional numbing. But food addiction is certainly up there, and the cycle of overconsumption it brings about has ruined many a weight loss plan.

Luckily, when you start eating raw fruits and vegetables, food addiction tends to quickly disappear, and we gain a new, more accurate sense of our body's need for food.

Learn more about food addiction, and what you can do to get on a better track by checking out this new article.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions:

Natalia wants lose 50lbs, but she's unsure if restricting her food intake is a good idea. She doesn't want to deal with intense hunger pains, after all, so does that mean she shouldn't restrict her calories?

I give her some advice here.

Got a question of your own to ask Andrew? Ask away.

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