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May 22, 2012

Are You Interested In A Raw Food Podcast?

Passion Fruit

Hey guys.

I'm giving some thought to starting a free weekly podcast on raw foods, and I'm curious to know if you'd be interested in listening in.

I obviously don't want to put in the effort to start up something that no one is interested in, so I thought I'd ask for your opinion.

I've created a very simple survey with just three questions, and I'd appreciate it if you could fill it out. It should only take a minute, and will help determine if I go forward with this.

Let me know if you want a free raw food podcast here.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions:

One of my readers asks if heating her raw soup with a Vitamix Blender is a good idea, and if it will damage her food.

I give her some advice here.

Got a question of your own to ask Andrew? Ask away.

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