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Raw-Food-Health: Shed Water Weight Quickly By Changing What You Put In Your Body
June 07, 2012

Shedding Water Weight Quickly

Water Weight Loss

Some of the most incredible weight loss that occurs on a raw food diet has nothing at all to do with fat loss (although there's plenty of that too).

After someone who is overweight cuts out salt-laden, toxic foods and instead chooses water-rich fruits and vegetables, the weight often pours off them.

I've seen obese clients lose 30lbs in just a few weeks, and the change can be incredible to behold.

But although they looked a lot better, only a few pounds of that initial loss were from fat.

The lion's share came from the water the body has been holding on to in a desperate attempt to maintain homeostasis and keep itself functioning properly.

When we drop our intake of electrolytes down to normal levels, our body can release this build up, and the changes can be huge.

Want to shed some water weight? Learn more here.

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions:

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Jim has been eating lots of raw eggs and wants to know if it's a good idea. I answer his question here.

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