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How The Raw Food Lifestyle Is Changing Lives and My High-Fat Diet Experiment
April 13, 2010

How Is The Raw Food Lifestyle Improving Lives?

Raw Food Lifestyle Ebook

Thanks to everyone that has helped to make my new ebook, The Raw Food Lifestyle, a great success.

You guys have been very kind in your praise, and I'd like to share a bit of what some of you have said.

Shannon of You definitely have to check out Andrew's e-book. I have to admit that I was really stressed out last week...At first I thought reading his book would be just one more task on my to do list, but it turned out to be so much more. I became more relaxed, had fun reading the book and tackled the rest of my list with ease. ...It will have you conquering your own anxieties and putting things in the right perspective.

Justin Lelia of Miami, Florida: Andrew Perlot is the most talented writer I know and a brilliant health enthusiast. In The Raw Food Lifestyle, he expresses timeless philosophy using juicy facts, relevant anecdotes, and a colorful unpretentious writing style that made it a joy to read! I learned more than a few new words, reinforced certain areas of my lifestyle, and have become inspired to thrive more and to strive better. I will continue to recommend Andrew's book to anyone looking to succeed in our complicated world. Thank you Andrew for a fascinating read and an important self-help book.

If you're interested in igniting passion in your life and really getting to the bottom of your weak spots, you can find out more about The Raw Food Lifestyle here.

My High Fat Diet Experiment

Those of you who read my website know there are a number of problems associated with eating a high fat diet. None the less, much of the raw food community is all about the fat, and as a (rather unscientific) experiment I decided to test my theory that there is a link between acne and fat consumption, not to mention feeling poorly and low energy levels.

You can read more about my experiment here.

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Best of health to you all,
Andrew Perlot

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