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Taking the plunge with Save Big.
June 16, 2010

Taking the plunge with

Two weeks ago I walked away from my job as a newspaper reporter to take a big risk and pursue my dreams. I'm now throwing myself into creating a business that will, in its own small way, improve the world.

Based on your messages to me, it's clear the site is already making a difference, and I hope to keep ratcheting up the quality as it becomes my full-time job.

The raw food diet and the associated factors of healthy living that go with it have greatly improved my life in so many ways, and if I can spread that message and help a few people out, I will be very pleased.

My plans for the future of the site include making more of the free articles, videos and other content you've come to enjoy as well as some new features to make it even more of a resource. You'll also see more products like my popular ebook, "The Raw Food Lifestyle," coming in the future. I've also got another exciting project in the works which I hope to announce within the next few days.

In celebration of the opening this new chapter of my life, I'm offering a 25% off going into business sale on "The Raw Food Lifestyle." The sale runs through June 23 at midnight. Enter "GoingIntoBusinessSale" (No quotes) in the discount code box at checkout to receive the discount.

I hope you take advantage of the sale and continue to enjoy my ongoing work.

Wish me luck, Andrew Perlot

New To

1) Growing enough lettuce for the hungry raw foodist - -Gardens, balconies, raised beds and even indoors growing.
2) There are hundreds of varieties of lettuce. Learn the characteristics of the main types and what sets them apart visually.
3) A video tour of my lettuce garden, which is overflowing this year.

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2) The Vitamix Blender.
3) Vibram Five Fingers
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