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Supplement B12 or Suffer? How I'm Blazing a Third Path and reaping the benefits
June 28, 2010

Three and 1/2 Years In: My B12 Blood Test Results

Some of you may remember that the last time I emailed the list about B12, I pointed out just how murky the subject is. Mostly because of the severe damage an actual B12 deficiency can do to a person, though, medical authorities have made it clear that anyone avoiding all animal protein, such as cooked food or raw food vegans, should be supplementing with B12.

After three and a half years on a raw vegan diet, my reserves should be pretty much exhausted, according to standard takes on the subject.

Out of curiosity -and, frankly, a desire to get the people who email me to inform me of my irresponsibility off my back - I recently decided to get a B12 blood test done.

I talk about how I fared, why, and my plans for the future here.

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