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Melon upset your stomach? Do meals give you gas? Learn how to eat problem free.
July 08, 2010

Stop The Stomach Aches

One of the primary concerns prospective raw foodists approach me with is that fruit bothers their stomach, gives them gas, or otherwise aggravates their digestion.

Sometimes it's a specific fruit -melons being the most popular type-, but just as often they think it's all fruit that bothers them.

After I explain that it's not the fruit's fault, I have to go on and explain it's usually not the fault of the rest of their food choices either.

These problems almost universally come down to chemistry - digestive incompatibilities among the digestive mediums needed to break down the different foods being eaten subsequently or at the same time.

Whether you're a raw foodist or a dedicated SAD eater looking for some answers outside a package of TUMS, learning how foods combine can change your relationship with eating.

Learn the ins and outs of healthy food combining here.

I've also visualized the ideas presented in that article with this downloadable food combining chart.

Got Raw Food Questions? I've got Answers

Last week I opened up a new part of the site where I'll answer submitted questions. These questions, along with their answers, are then posted in a special section of the site where the information can help more than just the original seeker.

Because I know many of you have a wealth of knowledge on the subject, I've also opened up these pages to additional comments from readers.

You can ask questions here.

Below are several of the questions I've answered so far:

1) Are Raw Peanuts Healthy?
2) Will a raw diet help with acne?

3) Going raw with diabetes.

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