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Is Your Life Stuck In A Rut? A 30 Day Trial Might Set You Free
August 04, 2010

Is Your Life Stuck In A Rut? A 30 Day Trial Might Set You Free

Compare me to 95 percent of humanity and I will come up with a giant label that reads: "strange".

I've veered so dramatically from the status quo I sometimes wonder how I got to be a barefoot running, vegan, raw foodist, meditating, Socratic, sickness-proof, marathon runner (to name a few of my more unusual qualities).

Yet these are not eccentricities for the sake of strangeness. Each one was carefully vetted and proved a marked improvement over the way most people approach life.

I didn't just get to be who I am by going with the flow. I set out to test different ways of living, to wrench myself free of the ruts everyone gets into, and I have a very targeted method of doing so.

Building off the ideas of personal development teachers, I created what I call the 30 day trial to test out new concepts, and the results have been pretty amazing.

I've written an article detailing how the method works and how you can use it to improve your life, which you can read here.

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