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Is There Any Truth To The Wheatgrass Hype? Find out.
August 24, 2010

Is There Any Truth To The Wheatgrass Hype?

Wheatgrass - it's one of those bizarre quasi-food substances that most SAD eaters look at quizzically - You're eating grass? Really?

Yet in recent years wheatgrass juice has exploded in popularity, popping up at Jamba Juice and most health food stores.

Raw foodists have repeated the mantra of the grass's greatness so many times everyone is becoming convinced of it.

After receiving numerous questions on the topic, I decided to write an article exploring the food in depth. Find out if it's worth your time.

Andrew Tackles Reader Questions:

Are raw nuts and seeds really raw?

What are some good raw lunch foods?

How can I gain weight on a low fat raw vegan diet?

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