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Is your health better than it was last year? Get yourself the help you need to start improving.
September 01, 2010

Is Your Health Better Than It Was Last Year?

Get yourself the help you need move forward.

Got cravings? Can't seem to stay raw? Nagging concerns stopping you from making the attempt?

What you may need to get by these impasses is someone who's been around the raw food block a few times. A coach, if you will, who will walk you through the sometimes-confusing questions about what to eat, what not to eat, and the other lifestyle factors that play into success.

Since launching the site in 2008, I've been coaching people who've approached me on their own initiative, but just recently decided open up the service to the public at large.

If you're not quite reaching your potential in health, weight, fitness, or happiness, my raw coaching service may be for you.

Anyone interested in learning more can do so here.

Andrew Tackles Reader Questions:

What's a good meat substitute?

Will cruciferous veggies fight my stomach fat?

Should I eat starches to prepare for a marathon?

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