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Your Guide To Getting Old Before Your time: The Paleo Diet
September 16, 2010

Your Guide To Getting Old Before Your time: The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet has emerged as a kind of bizarre polar opposite of a low fat raw vegan diet. They both emphasize the problems of processed and cooked foods, but from there they swerve in opposite directions.

Paleo diets are all about raw animal foods, while raw vegan diets focus on raw fruits and vegetables.

How can two diets both claim the ultimate health top spot? Which one actually has reams of science to back it up? Which one will quickly age you?

The next time someone lectures you about the glories or raw meat, be prepared by reading this article.

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"Your e-book is really good! Very well written, well detailed, deep and honest information and loads of personal touch! You are very good at looking at the raw diet diet with a global and open approach, with emphasis on its psychological and emotional aspects. You are a great motivator too! Thanks for your contribution!"

- Dr. Stefania Licari M.D., Ultra Marathon Runner and Raw Foodist.

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3) Are blended greens better than whole greens?

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