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Win A Free Copy of "Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces."
October 06, 2010

Win A Free Copy of "Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces."

Sometimes, tomatoes and cucumbers just won't do it for me. I need something with some pizazz to spice up my salad, and that's when I turn to my favorite dressing recipes.

When you're eating one to three heads of lettuce a day, mixing things up a bit with interesting but healthy tastes and flavors can make a big difference in making your diet sustainable.

Because I get emails from so many raw foodists looking for salad dressing ideas, I've created, the "Savory Raw Dressing and Sauces" ebook, which I'm hoping to release next month.

The ebook features my favorite eight low-fat dressing and sauce recipes with photos of the finished products and a calorie counts for each. I also include information on why traditional oil, vinegar, and salt-based dressings are harmful as well as instructions for how to combine various fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make fantastic creations of your own.

The included recipes are: Mango Nectar, Corn Medley, Italian Tomato Sauce, Sweet Cucumber, Apricot Sauce, Purple Grape Dressing, Ruddy Pineapple, and Tomato Herb Dressing.

How To Win A Copy

I've decided to give away three copies of the ebook to visitors of my site. What do you have to do to qualify?

Head to this page and submit your favorite healthy raw recipe (any type of food is fine). The submissions will all be available free to visitors of

What the recipes must contain:

1) A coherent set of directions and an ingredient list.
2) At least one photo of the finished product.
3) Your full name and email address. (addresses are not published).

What the recipes must not contain:

1) Animals products of any kind.
2) Any cooked ingredients
3) Salt, pepper, honey, agave, garlic, cacao (the fruit is fine, but not the seed), chocolate, grains, sprouts, nutritional yeast, oil, nama shoyu/tamari, seaweed and/or other "sea vegetables", vinegar, sauerkraut, or any other fermented food.

The deadline for submissions is October 17.

Whatever 3 entries I judge to be the best will be awarded the ebooks. I will announce the winners when the book is released next month.

Good luck!


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