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Want To make Amazing Raw Dressings and Sauces? Have I Got A Treat For You...
October 20, 2010

Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces Is Ready

I spent the summer hard at work.... Well, actually it wasn't that hard. Ok, it wasn't hard at all, it was just tasty.

You see, I spent the summer writing down and perfecting the recipes and techniques in my new Ebook, "Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces," getting the kinks out of it so I could provide my readers with a one-of-a-kind guide to making delicious, raw, low-fat salad dressings.

I'm not the type of guy who can just rip into a head of plain romaine and enjoy it - I want something sweet or savory to go on top and spice it up a bit.

When I first started cleaning up my diet I missed the high-fat, oily, and salty dressings I'd used before, and I often couldn't bring myself to eat more than a few pieces of lettuce every night.

Now I eat a ton of fruit, but we need to eat lots of vegetables to be at our best.

I realized that this lack of vegetables was going to backfire on me long term, and so I decided to start experimenting with healthy raw dressings to go on top of my salads.

Not going to lie - I made a few inedible bombs.

But soon I was whipping up quick and healthy dressings out of whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs that easily matched anything I'd eaten before.

It wasn't long before I replaced the Italian Tomato Sauce I'd loved growing up with an entirely raw recipe that beats any jarred tomato sauce, which I include in the ebook.

I got a bit wild, and soon I was crafting dressings out of fresh raw corn, mangoes, and dozens of other fruits and vegetables.

Experimenting has never been so tasty

After years of fooling around with these techniques, I've packaged it up so you can benefit. I hope you'll use this ebook to improve your own health routine.

What's So Special About Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces?

  • It's a downloadable e-book that will teach you how to ditch the salty, fatty, processed dressings sabotaging your diet and start making your own healthy and quick salad toppings every night in the week

  • Get my eight favorite dressing and sauce recipes to get you started, including Mango Delight, Purple Grape Dressing, Ruddy Pineapple, Corn Medley, and Italian Tomato Sauce.

  • Easily print recipes and all other sections of the ebook for reference at any time, or view it on your computer, tablet, e-reader, or dozens of other viewing devices.

  • Learn why traditional raw high-salt, fatty, heavily-processed dressings are unhealthy, and how you can do much better yourself using simple, whole ingredients found in any supermarket.

Get Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces Today

Tonight could be your night for an amazing, healthy salad that will blow you away.

Learn more about Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces Here!

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