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Why You Should Eat Radioactive Bananas And The Gift Of Raw Food Health
December 16, 2010

Give The Gift Of Health This Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and the gift I'm most grateful for is you guys, specifically the 34 of you who have signed up to work with me as a raw food coach.

I'm grateful because this isn't something I'd really planned to do, or expected to enjoy. I started up the service at the urging of readers and friends who were looking for help on a more individualized basis, and I grudgingly stepped into that role.

But five months later, I'm very happy that I made the leap.

I never would have guessed that I'd enjoy the one-on-one interactions so much, or that I'd be good at helping people in this manner. I was a newspaper reporter, after all, and previously figured my energies were best spent in writing books and articles.

I started in 2008 after losing a lot of weight, finding more energy, and escaping colitis thanks to a raw food diet. I wanted to spread the word that sick people like me could reclaim their natural birthright of health. I knew I was reaching thousands of people through my site, but only when someone sent me an email did I know what kind of an impact I was making.

So how is coaching different? I can say with some satisfaction that of the 34 of you I've worked with, 80 percent were so impressed with your new diet that you've made the change permanent. Many of the rest of you are still testing the waters. Counting only those who have stabilized their weight where they want it, you've collectively lost 327 pounds, and I even helped a very underweight raw foodist to gain 16!

Besides losing weight and finding greater vitality, we've worked to ditch irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, several bad cases of candida, and numerous other health problems.

I can't really take credit for this - the body heals itself, and all I do is help you stop eating and doing the things that get in the way of that process.

But helping others achieve what I've been able to is really a gift that's incomparable, and one I'm very grateful for. The best part is that my clients often only need a few phone calls before they're on the right track and don't need me anymore. Health is actually pretty straightforward, and once you get it, you're independent.

Give Yourself The Gift of Health

And so this Christmas, I urge you to stop settling for the status quo in any aspect of your life. Will next year be one of mediocre health or raging vitality?

You don't necessarily need me to make the changes that will put you on a better path. With my books and free articles, there's plenty of information to help you along.

So the question is, where do you want to be by next Christmas? Will you settle for less than you deserve, or crank your life into high gear.

And of course, if any of you would like to work with me, I'd be more than happy to help you get onto the growing roster of successful raw foodists. Learn more about my coaching program here.

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