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How A Meat-Loving Transylvanian Lost 50 Pounds By Going Raw
January 20, 2011

How A Meat-Loving Transylvanian Lost 50 Pounds By Going Raw

I'm always happy to hear that others have really scored big by embracing a raw food diet.

Late last year I met Robert Fulop, a Hungarian immigrant who'd supercharged his life and lost 50 pounds by leaving his SAD diet and embracing fruits and vegetables.

I immediately thought he'd make a great addition to's success stories page, and he graciously agreed to an interview.

Read how Robert changed his life here.

Is Juicing Worth Your Time?

Find out if juicing is really a health-building activity here.

Andrew Is Looking For Raw Food Weight Loss Success Stories

I'm working on a new book for print and ebook publication on the topic of raw food weight loss.

Besides explaining the best methods for losing weight and overcoming weight-loss humps, I'm hoping to include the stories of 12 people who have lost 15 pounds or more on a low fat raw vegan diet centered around fruits and vegetables.

I'm hoping your success will help inspire others to make similar changes.

Everyone who participates will receive a free copy of my new ebook when it's published or any one of my existing ebooks (your choice).

If you're interested, please send an email briefly outlining your weight loss story and the diet strategy you followed to

I'll then follow up with a few email interview questions via email, which is what will eventually be included in my book.



Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

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4) How Can I Include More Iron And Protein In My Diet?

Got A Raw Food Question Of your Own? Ask it here.

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