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The Biggest Mistake Organic Food Buyers Make
March 30, 2011

The Biggest Mistake Organic Food Buyers Make

There are chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides on our food, and there's no question that they're harming our minds, our bodies, and especially our developing children.

With this in mind it seems logical to prioritize organic food, even if you can't afford to buy it all the time or it's not always available.

What organic food buyers often forget, though, is that there's far more to a food's suitability than what was sprayed on it. Sometimes these factors may be even more important than the potential damage of chemically-treated food.

In this article I give you steps to dramatically reduce your pesticide exposure, even if you don't buy organic foods at all.

I also explain my way of prioritizing the often-conflicting elements we use to judge a food's suitability.

Check out the article here.

Can Chocolate Really Be Raw?

I've previously written about raw chocolate and how it's erroneously cited as an example of a healthy superfood when it's really a heavily-processed substance filled with stimulants and toxins.

I've also written that there's no such thing as truly raw chocolate because the fermenting and processing it goes through heats it above 118 degrees, the traditional -but somewhat arbitrary - cutoff point above which foods are no longer considered raw.

While I still see no place for chocolate, raw or otherwise, in a healthy diet, I'm always willing to be educated about my misperceptions.

I was recently contacted be a pleasant raw chocolate enthusiast, Vanessa Barg, owner of the Gnossis chocolate company.

She is incredibly enthusiastic about raw foods, and although we have our disagreements about chocolate, it's obvious that she has a passion for being upfront with people.

Having read one of my articles, she was concerned that I was misleading people when I said raw chocolate was an impossibility.

She has personally overseen the preparation of her company's raw chocolate at a factory outside Lyons, France, and she assured me it is indeed never heated at any stage beyond 118 degrees.

I can't claim to have any interest or expertise in chocolate preparation, but I thought it was only fair to include her voice among those arguing against the possibility of raw chocolate in my article here

Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

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2) Erik Nielsen wants to know how mushrooms fit into a raw food diet.

3) Should you eat fatty foods like avocados all at once or spread out?

Got A Raw Food Question Of Your Own? Ask it here.

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