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Something Every Desk Jockey Should Try
May 04, 2011

Something Every Desk Jockey Should Try

I'm the most sedentary athletic person I know.

Sure I run, do yoga, and go for long hikes and bike rides, but the vast majority of my time - like the time of most people in the western world- is spent motionless in a chair at a desk or prone on my bed.

The sad fact is that for huge spans of time I'm virtually immobile, and this reduces my ability to concentrate and be productive. It also makes me feel mentally and physically run down.

After recently spending even more time than usual in a chair while working on my new book, I decided to give a standing desk a try.

I was incredibly pleased with the results, and highly suggest you give one a try.

Read more about my standing desk 30-day trial here.

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Andrew Answers Your Raw Food Questions

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